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2007 Iron Man Pro
Code: V-203DVD
Duration: 136 mins
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2007 Iron Man Pro

Prejudging on Digital Download. 
The Finals on Digital Download. 

Held in Pasadena, CA the 2007 Iron Man Pro is always the first pro show of the new season. This is the one the guys all specially prepare for.

Toney Freeman came to the 2007 Iron Man Pro in incredible shape, displaying his famous X frame and conditioning. This was Toney's second pro show win, his defined and muscular 6'2" 280-pound physique proved to be too much for the rest of the quality field. The contest saw a line up of 27 athletes give it everything at the first Pro show of the year.

A highly conditioned and symmetrical Mark Dugdale achieved his highest ever placing with second. Englishman Eddie Abbew took third place. One of the big stories from the contest was the emergence of the previously unknown Silvio Samuel. This Nigerian born pro had the fans and the media talking with his incredible thickness and dry conditioning. Samuel placed a strong fourth. Marcus Haley taking fifth place showed why he will be a real contender in the near future.

Video taped with 2 cameras in high quality Digital, this DVD is an absolute must!! Any one of the top five guys has the potential to achieve big things. 


*  The Peary & Mabel Rader Lifetime Achievement
    Award posthumously presented to Mickey Hargitay. 
*  Vince Gironda Award For Outstanding 
    Presentation goes to Silvio Samuel.      
*  IRON MAN PRO Photo Gallery.

Running time 133 mins plus extra scenes 3 mins.
TRT: 136 mins

Click here for V-205DVD 2007 Iron Man Pro - Weigh In and Pump Room.
2007 Iron Man Pro - Weigh In and Pump Room 2007 Iron Man Pro - Weigh In and Pump Room  

See all of the Pros at the exciting weigh in with the on stage checking of body weight of every competitor by Lonnie Teper (world's best bodybuilding MC). You will see impromptu posing by guys such as SILVIO SAMUEL, TONEY FREEMAN, HIDE YAMAGISHI, ERYK BUI, JOEL STUBBS and many more who hit poses for the appreciative audience.

The second part of this DVD brings you all of the action from our 2 different cameras in the pump room throughout contest day. The DVD content is approximately 50/50 weigh in and pump room.


Click here for V-204VD 2007 Iron Man NPC Figure Contest.
2007 Iron Man NPC Figure Competition 2007 Iron Man NPC Figure Competition  
The 2007 GASPARI NUTRITION IRON MAN NPC FIGURE COMPETITION was once again a fantastic event. 20 top class athletes took to the stage at the FitExpo for the prejudging and then in the glamorous setting of the Pasadena Civic Center for the Finals. As usual the battle was intense, with blond MONICA MARK emerging as the overall winner.

There were 3 classes of competition - Short, Medium and Tall with every single round and all comparisons included in this DVD. It also includes the awards to the 3 class winners and the Peary Rader Lifetime Achievement Award which was accepted on the late Mickey Hargitay's behalf by his wife Ellen.



2007 IFBB Iron Man Pro XVIII Results:

 1. Toney Freeman
 2. Mark Dugdale
 3. Eddie Abbew
 4. Silvio Samuel
 5. Marcus Haley
 6. David Henry II
 7. Hidetada Yamagishi
 8. Ahmad Haidar
 9. Omar Deckard
 10. Joel Stubbs
 11. Kris Dim
 12. Rusty Jeffers
 13. Roc Shabazz
 14. Moe El Moussawi
 15. Daniele Seccarecci
 16. Sergey Shelestov
 17. Eryk Bui
 17. Rod Ketchens
 17. Martin Kjellstrom
 17. Clifton Torres
 17. Fabrizio Zittucro
 17. Jason Arntz
 17. Aiman Faour
 17. Francesco Mazzotta
 17. Frank McGrath
Vince Gironda Posing Award
 Silvio Samuel
Lifetime Achievement Award
 Mickey Hargitay (posthumous) Online Champion
 Toney Freeman
Withdrew after Weigh In due to illness
Luke Wood

* Available in NTSC (region free)

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