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1993 Gold Star Classic - Men's Pro/Am Bodybuilding Contest
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1993 Gold Star Classic - Men's Pro/Am Bodybuilding Contest

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This DVD is dedicated to the wonderful career of Edward Kawak who passed away in 2006. Also in memory of Peter LaReau who passed away on March 12th, 2017.
On Sunday 26th September 1993, in Newcastle England, a new chapter in British bodybuilding history was born.  It was Rafik Caprelian's staging of the first ever GOLD STAR CLASSIC for men, with amateur and professional divisions.  An international field came to do battle in this spectacular event with the standard and condition of the contestants quite awesome.

M.C. for the evening was U.S.A.'s "Golden Eagle" TOM PLATZ, who gave us all a rare treat by dropping his trousers and posing those still incredible legs!  GMV Productions was privileged to tape the Tom Platz Seminar (taped a couple of days prior to this contest) - check out GMV-195DVD for details.
Amateur winner was big blond American PETER LAREAU.  He was probably the hardest looking competitor in the whole event, possible nudging out a ripped ED KAWAK in this department.  ERNIE DOZIER of Germany was second, with the handsome Frenchman PATRICE THOMAS third in the Amateur contest.

The professional division was a tense and exciting contest. The major prize went to a sensational ED KAWAK of France, formerly of Lebanon. Second place went to the huge and ripped SELWYN COTTRELL of the UK. A ripped and symmetrical ABDEL BOUHAFS of France edged out the classic physique of JOHN TERILLI of Australia to take 3rd place.

For the many Terilli fans, we have included all the comparisons and posedown of the top 6 pros at the show. 5th place went to the ever popular English star ROCKY FOSTER with CLAUDIO MOSTACCI of Italy taking 6th in his pro debut.

As an indicator of Ed Kawak's condition, one week later he went on to win his 5th NABBA Universe title, becoming the first champion to win this title 5 times. This feat has since been equalled by EDDY ELLWOOD who took 5 in a row.

The 4 international standard GUEST POSERS were PATRICK NICHOLLS, SUSANA PEREZ, BERNIE PRICE and LAURA VUKOV. The posing from all competitors is shown plus key comparisons from the judging of the Professionals through to the awards. The complete results are listed below.

Running time: 90mins - Region free


1993 Gold Star Classic Men's Pro/Am Bodybuilding Contest

1. Ed Kawak - France
2. Selwyn Cottrell
3. Abdel Bouhafs
4. John Terilli
5. Rocky Foster
6. Claudio Mostacci
7. Raphael Spada
8. Shawn Davis
8. Alex Georgiev
10. Rolf Fecht

Amateur Division

1. Peter Lareau - USA
2. Ernie Dozier
3. Patrice Thomas
4. Mike Harvey
5. David Poole
6. Ray Navaro
7. Bobby Windley
8. Mark Allison
9. Peter Sell
10. Paul Patterson
11. Klaus Peter Weber
12. Thomas Bless

Eduardo Kawak RIP (1959-2006)
Eduardo had a bodybuilding career of over 20 years in both the NABBA and the IFBB federations.  He won his first amateur NABBA World's Championship to become a pro in 1980.  After that he won a string of pro NABBA Mr. Universe titles with four straight victories from 1982 through 1985. Many thought at the time that Eduardo could have continued to win the top NABBA pro title as long as he wanted to, but he decided to compete in the IFBB in 1986 to see how he would do in the rival federation. 

Maybe the Weiders felt that this rival from another federation should not shine too brightly, so Eduardo struggled with his IFBB placings. Nevertheless, in 1987, Eduardo placed eighth in the Mr. Olympia and eighth as well in both the French and German Grand Prix. 
In 1993, he again competed in the NABBA Pro Universe and won it for a record 5th and final time. This record has only been equalled by Eddy Ellwood who won 5 in a row. Eduardo then competed in either NABBA or the IFBB after that.  He last competed in the Masters Olympia in 1999 and placed 13th, which again seemed to reflect more upon the judges than upon Eduardo's physique.

Eduardo Kawak, resident of France, passed away in Beijing, 2006 while visiting China to promote bodybuilding.  He was 47 years old.  He is survived by a 17-year-old daughter and a brother who also lives in France. Interment is expected to be in a family gravesite in his native Beirut, Lebanon. My thanks to Thor for some of this information. Wayne Gallasch.

Peter LaReau RIP (1962-2017)

Peter LaReau was a bodybuilding champ who held titles like Mr. USA, Mr. America and Mr. Universe in the 1990s

The LaReaus lived in a handful of different states and countries, including Alaska, Massachusetts, Arizona, Italy, Belgium and England.  LaReau inherited a heart condition and doctors diagnosed him with cardiomyopathy in his 30s, then giving him only seven years to live.
He passed away on March 12th in Seneca, USA.

Doctors deemed natural causes the reason for 54-year-old Peter's death, presumably related to his pre-existing heart condition. (August 8, 1962 - March 12, 2017)

I had the pleasure of shooting video of Peter on 3 occasions. I always remember him as the blond good looking American with the classic type of physique. Always smiling and ready to help and support his fellow competitors.

In the 1993 Gold Star Classic in Newcastle he won the Amateur Division.
In the 1993 NABBA Universe Tall Class 1, he was 2nd behind Aussie Kevin O'Grady.
In the 1994 NABBA World Championships, Men's Class 1, the results were as follows:
1. Grant Clemesha - Australia
2. Sergei Ogorodnikov - Russia
3. Dayo Audi - UK
4. Peter LaReau - USA


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