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Bill Grant - Old School Total Body Training
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Duration: 50 mins
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A-1208DVD Bill Grant

Bill Grant - Old School Total Body Training

Welcome to Bill's old school bodybuilding series section where you will learn the old school training secrets and techniques to meet your competitive goals. Remember those famous words in Pumping Iron - "If you're training hard, then your competition is probably training even harder." So it stands to reason it's to your benefit to learn the cutting-edge techniques that will help you become a champion or improve your physique. If your hungry to learn and want to have the competitive edge then the old school bodybuilding principles is the way to go.

BILL GRANT is a world renowned fitness expert with more than 45 years of professional experience in bodybuilding, health and fitness. Bill started his bodybuilding career at the YMCA in NJ in 1960. His dedication to the sport has rewarded him with the titles Legendary Bodybuilder, Mr. America.

Bill Grant on the 2007 Iron Age Booth.
Photo courtesy Greg Dixon. 

1972 and Mr. World 1974.

Bill transferred his knowledge of fitness and nutrition to the personal training industry and founded Bill Grant Nutrition LLC. The Next Generation of Sports and Performance Nutrition to develop quality nutritional and performance products that are not only safe and effective but products that work and give great results.
I first met Bill Grant when I filmed him in the 1972 NABBA Mr Universe contest in London.

He was a champion then and he is still a champion today at age 60. He is a Mr World and Mr America winner with a remarkable contest history including Olympia appearances and so much more. Here is his amazing contest record:


Height 5'9":  Weight 195 lbs


Mr USA - AAU 10th

Mr America - AAU 17th
Mr New Jersey - AAU Overall Winner
Mr USA - AAU Did not place

Mr Los Angeles - AAU 2nd

Mr America - AAU Most Muscular 7th
Mr America - AAU 12th
Junior Mr America 7th
Junior Mr America - AAU Muscular, 3rd

Pro Mr America - WBBG 2nd

Pro Mr America - WBBG Winner
Mr North America - WBBG 2nd
Mr Universe - NABBA Medium, 3rd

Mr International - IFBB Medium, 2nd
Mr World - IFBB Most Muscular, 1st
Mr World - IFBB Tall, 3rd

Mr International - IFBB Medium, 1st
Mr World - IFBB Tall, 1st
Mr World - IFBB Overall Winner

Olympia - IFBB Lightweight, 4th

Olympia - IFBB Lightweight, 5th
Olympia - IFBB 8th
World Championships - WABBA Professional, 3rd

Night of Champions - 3rd
Olympia - IFBB Lightweight, 7th
Professional World Cup - IFBB 6th

Canada Diamond Pro Cup - IFBB 6th
Canada Pro Cup - IFBB Did not place
Florida Pro Invitational - IFBB 8th
Grand Prix Pennsylvania - IFBB Did not place
Grand Prix Vancouver - IFBB Did not place
Night of Champions - IFBB 5th
Pittsburgh Pro Invitational - IFBB 7th

Canada Pro Cup - IFBB 5th
Grand Prix California - IFBB 9th
Grand Prix Pennsylvania - IFBB 8th
Night of Champions - IFBB 7th

Grand Prix Belgium - IFBB 7th
Grand Prix California - IFBB Did not place
Grand Prix Wales - IFBB 6th
Grand Prix World Cup - IFBB Did not place
Professional World Cup - IFBB Did not place

Grand Prix Belgium - IFBB 7th
Grand Prix Sweden - IFBB 8th

Grand Prix Las Vegas - IFBB 7th

Canada Pro Cup - IFBB 7th
Olympia - IFBB 15th
World Grand Prix - IFBB 7th
World Pro Championships - IFBB 3rd

Night of Champions - IFBB 10th

Night of Champions - IFBB 9th

Chicago Pro Invitational - IFBB 13th
Night of Champions - IFBB 13th

Olympia - Masters - IFBB 8th

* Available in NTSC DVD Only (Region Free)

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