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Eddy Ellwood - Champion Workout - 5 Times NABBA Universe Champion
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Duration: 97 mins
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Eddy Ellwood - Champion Workout
5 Times NABBA Universe Champion

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"This is a portrait of an all time British Champion and multi Mr. Universe winner!"

In this DVD one of Britain's most popular young bodybuilders shows us what he is made of, as the camera follows Eddy through a genuine, gruelling hardcore workout.

There is no skimping on weights as Eddy pushes himself to the point of exhaustion, sweat pouring down his body. The GMV camera followed him for a full day through a total body workout, plus extended outdoor posing. It's 97 minutes of muscle wrenching, gut busting action, taking you from the contest stage to the gym, to posing and interview.

Taped on broadcast equipment, under excellent conditions, with good lighting, we see each striated muscle working from all angles, and in detailed closeup. Eddy, a NABBA Mr. Britain winner, shows the monumental strength and determination he brings to every workout.

He takes us through the brutal 4 day split routine he uses - and this was just two weeks before the EFBB British Finals. (On a historical note, Eddy subsequently won the British Championships, got his IFBB Pro card, competed as a pro and then made a huge comeback to NABBA. He subsequently won 5 NABBA Pro Universe titles over 5 consecutive years, now holding the record for the most NABBA Universe victories. Until recently Eddy competed in Strongman Events. He is now the NABBA UK NE Area Rep.)

The video concludes with the magic moment of victory as Eddy Ellwood outclasses his opposition to win the British heavyweight and Overall titles at the EFBB British championships. We salute Britain's newest young Professional bodybuilder at the time of this video production!

As an added bonus we include a special guest gym appearance by Mr. Universe, Terry Fisher.

Training - Posing - Interview, this DVD is highly motivational.

Big blond Eddy Ellwood stands 6' 1" tall, (1.83 cm) and is a ripped 250 lbs
(114 kg) in our tape. The outdoor posing and pumping segment was beautifully photographed at the ruins of Finchale Priory in County Durham. Eddy risked his life and limb for this posing finale, high up on a crumbling wall, outlined against a brilliant blue sky.

Eddy's workout was taped at his father's Ellwood's Gym, Horden, Co. Durham in the north of England.
* Special thanks to Lance Robson who arranged this production for GMV.

Running time: 97 mins

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Eddy Ellwood Contest History

NABBA Mr Britain - Tall, 5th 

NABBA Mr Britain - Tall, 2nd
NABBA Mr Universe - Tall, 6th 

NABBA Mr Britain - Tall, 1st
NABBA Mr Universe - Tall, 4th
NABBA Super Bodypower Classic - 1st Men's Class 1 

NABBA Mr Britain - 1st Overall 
EFBB British Championships - HeavyWeight, 3rd

EFBB British Championships - 1st Overall 

Arnold Classic - Did not place
IFBB Chicago Pro Invitational - 19th
IFBB English Grand Prix England - 14th
IFBB Grand Prix Holland - 14th
IFBB Niagara Falls Pro Invitational - 16th 

IFBB English Grand Prix - 11th
IFBB Night of Champions - Did not place 

IFBB English Grand Prix - 7th
IFBB Grand Prix France (2) - 8th 

IFBB English Grand Prix - 8th 

IFBB English Grand Prix - 12th
NABBA Pro Mr. Universe - 4th 

NABBA Pro Mr. Universe - 1st
NABBA Pro Mr. Universe - 1st  

NABBA Mr. Pro Universe - 1st 

NABBA Pro Mr. Universe - 1st  

NABBA Pro Mr. Universe - 1st

Photos by Wayne & Tina Gallasch, Clive Jaques.

To read a report on Eddy's 2007 Oscar Heidenstam Hall of Fame Award, please click here.

To see Eddy winning at the 2000 NABBA Universe, please click here.

To see Eddy winning all of his NABBA Universe titles in the years 1997 to 2001 inclusive, see our NABBA Universe DVD index here.

* Available in NTSC DVD Only (Region Free)

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