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Oscar Heidenstam Foundation Awards - Best Posing Routines - DVD # 1: 1991-1995
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Duration: 35 mins
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Oscar Heidenstam Foundation Diploma Awards - Best Posing Routines -

DVD # 1: 1991-1995.

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These awards are for the most outstanding choreography and artistry in bodybuilding posing. Covering the years 1991 - 1995.
The routines were shot by Wayne Gallasch of GMV Productions at the prestigious NABBA Mr & Miss Universe contests, with kind permission of NABBA.

For those who don't already know, Oscar Heidenstam ran NABBA for nearly 50 years, until his death in 1991.  The OH Foundation was set up by Malcolm Whyatt, just after Oscar's death, to honour the great bodybuilders, both past and present. 

In 1991, The Oscar Heidenstam Foundation inaugurated a "Best Posing Award" for men and women at the NABBA Universe.

These awards reflect Oscar Heidenstam’s own achievements and consummate enthusiasm for displaying physical excellence.
Only two diploma awards are given each year, one each for best male and best female posing routine.
All competitors are scrutinised by three OHF judges for these OHF awards.

This DVD #1 features the fabulous posing of the 10 winners to date as at 1995:

1991:    Sylvie Esmenjaud (France) and Reiner Gorbracht (Germany)
1992:    Sandy Young (UK) and Billy Jones (UK)
1993:    Tania Mittoni (Australia) and Kurt Pedersen (Denmark)
1994:    Claudia Rohrs (Germany) and Charles Duca (Australia)
1995:    Susana Perez (Spain) and Olivier Ripert (France)

A competitor doesn't necessarily have to possess the best physique but is judged within the OHF criteria:- overall appearance, stage charisma, poise, grace, unique style, and artistic choreography complimented by suitable music.

This 35 minute DVD of the world's most incredible posing routines should serve as a guide and inspiration to all competitors and lovers of physique presentation at the highest level.

Sit back and enjoy this unique DVD of the best posing routines in the world!

Reiner Gorbracht from Germany is pictured right, photo by Clive Jaques.

More photos below, courtesy Malcolm Whyatt and the OHF Foundation.


In 2010 Malcolm resumed his Best Presentation Awards at the NABBA Universe.

The winners were as follows, ceasing with the 2014 Awards.

2010 OHF Men's Best Presentation Award - Justin Wessels - Australia
2010 OHF Women's Best Presentation Award - Maria Bulatova – Russia

2011 OHF Men's Best Presentation Award: Aleksei Shaikin – Russia
2011 OHF Women’s Best Presentation Award: Maria Tereza Mendonca Pintya - Brazil.

2012 OHF Men’s Best Presentation Award: Aleksei Shaikin - Russia.
2012 OHF Women’s Best Presentation Award: Maria Kuzmina – Russia

2013 OHF Men’s Best Presentation Award: Kim Jun Ho - Rep. of Korea
2013 OHF Women’s Best Presentation Award: Kelsey Young – UK

2014 OHF Men’s Best Presentation Award: Maurizio Carboni – Italy
2014 OHF Women’s Best Presentation Award: Charlotte MacGill – England



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Total running time: 35 mins


Sandy Young

Claudia Rohrs

Reiner Gorbracht

Kurt Pedersen & Tania Mittoni

Sylvie Esmenjaud

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