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1999 Mr Olympia Pump Room & Behind the Scenes
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Duration: 108 mins
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1999 Mr Olympia Pump Room & Behind the Scenes

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This is an historic DVD of the stars of bodybuilding being our first ever Mr. Olympia Pump Room Highlights and Behind the Scenes DVD!!
Enjoy all the excitement, drama and heavy back stage muscle action on show at the '99 Mr. Olympia. Held at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas in October 1999, this was our premiere Mr Olympia backstage and pump room highlights video. It is TOTALLY DIFFERENT FOOTAGE to our Hardcore 100% Pump Room DVD, GMV-373DVD.
1999 Mr. Olympia: The Complete Pump Room 1999 Mr. Olympia: The Complete Pump Room  

In our Behind the Scenes video from this contest we included some highlights from the Pump Room. This video brings you the COMPLETE pump room footage from both of our cameras.

67 minutes of intense action. See the giants of the Olympia in AMAZING closeups, the long lingering shots, the oiling up, the pumping and the tension. Our cameras catch everything!


Get up close and personal with all 16 Mr Olympia competitors in the backstage area and in the pump room, as they prepare to go out on stage. Feel the tension - the highs and the lows before they are presented on stage.

Amazing footage of Ronnie Coleman who was about to win his second Mr. Olympia crown.
For Ronnie's very own Super Hardcore Workout DVD, click here. 

*Mr. O posing highlights and the top 6 posedown and awards, all shot from Wayne's rear of stage closeup camera.
*Mr. O competitors' meeting and press conference highlights.
*Pump room photo booth posing.
*Joe Amato's victory interview on stage with Ronnie Coleman.
*The final part of the video is some very brief pump room highlights, as seen in GMV-373DVD.

The most interesting thing about this DVD is the comparison between Jay Cutler who placed 14th behind Ronnie's #1 position. It took Jay 7 more attempts till he was able to reverse that placing with Ronnie in 2006 (attaining victory) in what was for many a controversial event.
The other part of the DVD brings you Behind the Scenes Highlights from:
*The Expo - many champions posed for us - plus interviews by Joe Amato - the Voice of Bodybuilding.
*Muscle Beach - Star Seminars, training and photos with champions such as *Gunter Schlierkamp, Lou Ferrigno, Roland Kickinger and Victor Konovalov.
*Star interviews.
Using 2 cameras, we taped over the 4 days covering all of the action, bringing you an unequalled view of what goes on at the Mr Olympia Weekend.

Similarly we have a DVD on the women at this event, GMV-359DVD, now only $29.95. Click here for details.
1999 Ms. Fitness Olympia Weekend: Behind the Scenes 1999 Ms. Fitness Olympia Weekend: Behind the Scenes  

Experience all the excitement, drama and tension at the '99 Fitness Olympia, held at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas in October 1999. All 15 Ms. Fitness competitors are shown. We take you up close and personal with our 2 camera team as we taped all the action over the 4 days.

Includes: * The back stage action as the competitors stretch and prepare for the Ms. O. (No on-stage footage is included). * The Expo - many female stars from Diana Dennis to Denise Masino posed or did interviews with us. * Muscle Beach - training tips from Vickie Gates. Plus much more.

List of Mr Olympia pump room competitors you will see in the order in which they placed:
1 Ronnie Coleman USA
2 Flex Wheeler USA
3 Chris Cormier USA
4 Kevin Levrone USA
5 Shawn Ray USA
6 Nasser El Sonbaty Yugoslavia
7 Paul Dillett Canada
8 Lee Priest Australia
9 Dexter Jackson USA
10 Milos Sarcev Yugoslavia
11 Mike Matarazzo USA
12 Ernie Taylor England
13 Pavol Jablonicky Czech Rep.
14 Jay Cutler USA
15 Jean Pierre Fux Switzerland
Disq Markus Ruhl Germany
Other stars you will see in this DVD include:
Roland Kickinger solo and duo posing with Bob Delmonteque.
Dorian Yates.
Shaun Davis.
Jeff "Box" Long.
Greg Kovacs.
Ed Corney.
Dave Palumbo.
Jimmy Pellechia.
Mike Glass.
Mario Rieger.
Ernie Taylor.
Mike Horn.
David Hughes.
Chris Cormier.
Frank Sepe.
Aaron Maddron.
Bill Kazmaier.
Mario Mendoza.
Magic Johnson.
Delano Dixon.
Flavio Baccianini.
Eddie Robinson.
Tito Raymond.
Lee Labrada.
Betty Weider.

Paul Dillett - one of the unsung heroes of the mid-90's.  Dogged by injuries, bad luck and ill health, this charismatic bodybuilder never quite reached
his maximum potential. He is an uncrowned Grand Prix winner in our book.
Please click here for GMV-243DVD  1996 English Grand Prix.  Paul came 3rd. This product page has the complete list of all of our Paul Dillett DVDs.

Running time: 108 mins

* Available in NTSC DVD Only (Region Free)

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