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1982 NABBA Universe - Amateur & Professional
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Duration: 155 mins
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1982 NABBA Universe - Amateur & Professional
Men & Women

Also on Digital Download - Part A - Prejudging. 

Also on Digital Download - Part B - The Show. 

The 1982 NABBA UNIVERSE - AMATEUR & PROFESSIONAL, was held at the huge Wembley Conference Centre, London on 18th September, 1982. The main stars of this event were Eduardo Kawak of Lebanon, Kal Szkalak and John Brown from USA, John Terilli from Australia and Terry Phillips from England.
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Possibly the highlight of the contest was the titanic battle between Ed Kawak and Kal Szkalak from USA. Some fans preferred Kal but the judges preferred Kawak. This is some of our only footage on Kal, making the DVD a rare gem.
In the Women’s International Bikini class the red hot favourite was Jocelyn Pigeonneau who did not let her fans down, defeating the very popular Mary Scott.

John Terilli's class victory was the first ever Universe victory by an Australian competitor who grew up in Australia. (John was born in Italy and was brought to Australia as a baby.) John later won the NABBA Pro Universe in 1994.

1994 NABBA Universe: The Men - The Show 1994 NABBA Universe: The Men - The Show  

The best men in the Universe as they appear at The Show, in Birmingham, England. Amateurs, Masters, and Professionals pose plus posedowns and presentations.

John Terilli was the brilliant new Professional Mr. Universe winner. Nick Van Beeck took out the Amateur Overall.

GMV-190DVD .

Ed Kawak won the Universe 5 times during his illustrious career and is pictured front cover in his signature pose. This record of 5 titles was later equalled by Eddy Ellwood who won his 5 Universe titles consecutively. Famous American Kal Szkalak was one of the training partners of Arnold Schwarzenegger in the latter stages of his career. Kal similarly had great charisma and was a standout at the Universe with his many fans. It was a pity that Kal did not come back again to claim the title that many said would be his for the taking!
Rod Koontz was another highly rated and very popular star from USA.

Best posing display was undoubtedly the virtuoso performance from American posing legend and Overall Amateur Mr. Universe, JOHN BROWN.
The FULL RESULTS are found below, listing every single competitor.

1. The DVD was shot by one of GMV's UK cameramen, and includes the main highlights of the whole event - from Prejudging and Show. Regarding video quality, it was shot with the existing technology of the late 70s and as such is very average. The picture is watchable and historically extremely important being the only record of this contest. The images are however a bit grainy and very ordinary by today's standards. After all, this was shot well over 30 years ago.

2. Although we have listed the names below of the competitors in our RESULTS section, obviously a number of the competitors are not shown in this DVD, within the time constraints and limits of VCR recording of that time. We do show all of the top competitors, where possible, for every class.

Running time: 155 mins

Wembley Conference Centre, Wembley, London
Saturday 18th September, 1982  (The 33rd NABBA Amateur Mr Universe)

Amateur Mr. Universe

CLASS 3 SHORT (up to and including 5ft 6ins)   
1. Terry Phillips England
2. Francois Chung Mauritius / England
3. Eric Pieters Belgium
4. Manuel Delasco Spain
5. Eddie Guiliani U.S.A.
6. Rohmat Juraimi Singapore
7. Raymond Jollet France
8. Nicky Cheung N.Ireland / UK
9. Sean Bulman Eire
10. Grans Haas Austria
11. Heribert Aswaldt Germany
12. Zakeya Maytham Syria
NOTE:  Zakeya Maytham Syria (From Class 2, arrived late, judged in Class 2 but  listed in Class 3.)

CLASS 2 MEDIUM (over 5ft 6ins and up to and including 5ft 9ins)   
1. John Terilli Australia
2. Ian Dowe England / Jamaica
3. Vince Brown England
4. Mike Sable U.S.A
5. Georges Doulcle France
6. Jesse Gatreaux U.S.A.
7. Eugene Laviscount  England
8. Eduardo De La Asuncion Spain
9. Jules Jupiter France
10. Angel Illescas Spain
11. Arnold Sohsten Holland

Also competed  
Rudolph Atkins Tobago
Vincenzo  Carura Italy
Craig Howard England
Ahmed Assed  Keblawi Kuwait
Guntar Misere Germany
Saied Osman Germany
Anthony Parris Barbados
Ramji Ramjaban Holland
Hashim Salim Singapore
Hans Schiemenn Germany
Guy Verlinden Belgium

CLASS 1 TALL (over 5ft 9ins)        
1. John Brown U.S.A. 
2. Rufus Howard U.S.A.
3. Bob Esprit Holland/ U.S.A.
4. Philip Rhohde U.S.A.
5. Patrick Nicholls Barbados
6. Livingstone Jeffers Montserrat / Canada
7. Guido Van Drunen Holland
8. Vaughan Ashdown S.Africa
9. Linkie Wilson England
10. Peter Mueller Canada
11. Andrew Webb England

Also competed  
Mohamed Asraf Mauritius
Njue Jackson Switzerland / Kenya
Malcolm Sherratt England


The  31st NABBA Professional Mr. Universe
1. Eduardo Kawak Lebanon/France
2. Kalman Szalak U.S.A.
3. Roy Duval England
4. Ian Lawrence Scotland
5. Rod Koontz U.S.A.
6 Bill Richardson Aruba / England
7 Gabin Lambert France
8 Bill Hemsworth England



1  Jocelyn Pigeonneau France
2  Mary Scott Scotland/UK
3  Lucy Ling Ming Kee Singapore
4  Lydie Gallardo France
5  Marie Jose Ud Laan Holland
6  Hermine Klinger Austria

Also competed
Bridgitta Allen England
Ana Aunon Spain
Bridgette Bouvy Belgium
Ingrid Brinkmeier Germany
Michaela Czerwenka Austria
Joanne Day England          
Sandra Dronkers Holland
Francine Geene France
Lianne Gray Wales
Karen Green Scotland/UK
Thelma Jamieson England
Heather Lucas  N.Ireland/UK
Denise McMunn England
Zarina Milton Scotland
Susanna Phillipes Germany
Marlene Ward Singapore
Karinda Vries Holland


* Available in NTSC DVD Only (Region Free)

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