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Jay Cutler - From Jay to Z - 2 Disc Set
Code: A-1247DVD
Duration: 436 mins
Price: $39.95
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Jay Cutler - From Jay to Z - 2 Disc Set 

"See Jay Cutler's Life Style, Training & Everything in Between!"


Download Contents Part 1:
2007 Fitexpo - working on the Muscletech booth - meeting fans
Long seminar section at Fitexpo
Home life
Travelling with partner
Visits tanning studio
2007 Arnold classic - hanging out with Darrem Charles
Meeting fans and many famous bodybuilders at the expo such as Dorian Yates and Kevin Levrone
Talks to Phil Heath after he has competed.
Speaks to Flex Wheeler and other bodybuilders

Download Contents Part 2:
Visit to physiotherapist
Jay Cutler's Max Muscle event
Eats with Melvin Anthony
Meets fans and comp winner
Workout - chest, calves.
Chats with Chris Cormier
Workout - Shoulders and traps

Download Contents Part 3:
Guest posing at Junior California Bodybuilding and Figure comp
Interviewed onstage by Lonnie Teper & Shawn Ray
Back workout at Muscle Beach Venice
Home cardio and eating
Workout - tris and bis
Physio visit
Home life and hanging out with dogs

Download Contents Part 4:
Vegas Gold's Gym workout - back
Long bathroom posing at the gym
Home life and eating
Workout - legs
Chats with and gives advice to Denis Sergovskiy
House stuff - lifestyle
Looks at his cars and other vehicles
Funny extras - outtakes etc.

Everything is included in this DVD! According to Jay, "This is not only the most intense full-fledged DVD that I have ever filmed or produced in my career, but I have been told by Mitsuru Okabe (executive director/producer) that it is unlike ANYTHING ever filmed. We are saving much of the surprise for the official release, but BELIEVE ME, if you've ever witness my past DVD installments and gotten information and motivation from them - then THIS DVD will surely change your life, because it is always about the fans."

TOUR DE' CUTLER: This DVD will include NEVER before seen in-depth footage from around the World, literally! Including the amazing Arnold Classic this year where Martinez dethroned the former winner, TRAINING IN VENICE ON MUSCLE BEACH (a first for any Mr. Olympia in decades!) The 2007 Iron Man weekend, and even an entire scene at IN-AND-OUT BURGER! (Even Mr. O needs to cheat once a year, haha!!)

GUEST APPEARENCES: Everyone is in this DVD, and they bring a lot to the excitement of the filming. Good friend Phil 'The Gift' Heath, Victor Martinez, Dave Bourlet (owner of the Jay Cutler's Max Muscle).

DVD Review: "Jay Cutler: From Jay to Z"
by Eric Broser, courtesy Iron Man magazine.

Okay, I admit that when I received my review copy of this DVD and saw that it was almost seven hours long, I said to myself, "There's no way I'm watching this entire thing. If I'm going to spend seven hours in front of my TV, it'll be for 'Seinfeld' reruns or 'The Matrix' trilogy." Well, guess what? I did watch the whole thing—and I really enjoyed it.


It would take many pages for me to tell you all about "From Jay to Z," as it's truly packed with entertaining and interesting footage of the world's greatest bodybuilder. That's quite unlike most other bodybuilding DVDs. It follows Jay through almost all facets of his life and work.  While the Training pieces are enjoyable to watch, the footage outside the gym is the most engaging.  The viewer gets to see Jay meet and greet fans, work at the Muscle Tech booth, hold a seminar at the Iron Man Pro, talk to other fitness celebrities  (and there are many on this DVD)  attend the grand opening of his Max Muscle store in Venice, California, and   much more.

This DVD truly "humanizes" Jay and shows exactly what it takes to be Mr. Olympia both inside and outside the gym. In fact, after watching Jay in action, I've come to respect him even more as both a bodybuilder and a representative of the sport. He's remained humble, level-headed, passionate and, most important, approachable and friendly to all of his fans, no matter what the situation. I highly recommend the DVD and applaud Jay for being such a fine ambassador of Bodybuilding.

Running time: A Huge 436 mins

Click here for a DVD Review by Steve Buccilli.

* Available in NTSC DVD Only (Region Free)

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