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1997 English Grand Prix
Code: GMV-278DVD
Duration: 90 mins
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1997 English Grand Prix

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KEVIN LEVRONE claimed his victory at the English Grand Prix, held in Nottingham, England just one week after the 1997 Mr. Olympia.

This DVD includes every comparison and call out of Rounds One and Two, as well as the posing in Round Three. And of course, it also features the magnificent posedowns and final awards.
We do not have Paul Dillett in many DVDs and in this one he really shines. DVD footage of Jean Pierre Fux is also quite rare as his career was cut short by his terrible injuries.

This contest was historic in regard to Ronnie Coleman who placed 5th. One year later he was the new Mr. Olympia, and as far as we know, Kevin Levrone never placed above Ronnie again. See Ronnie in his DVD - RONNIE COLEMAN - ON THE ROAD, GMV-620DVD.  .


Running time: 90 mins

The full results were:

  1. Kevin Levrone (U.S.A.)
  2. Chris Cormier (U.S.A.)
  3. Nasser El Sonbaty (Yugoslavia)
  4. Paul Dillett (U.S.A.) (See below)
  5. Ronnie Coleman (U.S.A.)
  6. Lee Priest (Australia)
  7. Vince Taylor (U.S.A.)
  8. (tie) Jean Pierre Fux (Switzerland) & Milos Sarcev (Yugoslavia)
  9. Charles Clairmonte (Barbados)
  10. Shaun Davis (England)

    To see the Pump Room DVD from this event, please click here for GMV-279DVD.

    Paul Dillett - one of the unsung heroes of the mid-90's.  Dogged by injuries, bad luck and ill health, this charismatic bodybuilder never quite reached
    his maximum potential. He is an uncrowned Grand Prix winner in our book.
    GMV-243DVD  1996 English Grand Prix.  Paul came 3rd
    GMV-192DVD  1994 English Grand Prix  4th placing
    A-0764DVD  1993 Mr. Olympia  6th place
    A-0804DVD  1994 Mr. Olympia  4th Place
    A-0885DVD  1996 Mr. Olympia  6th place
    A-0945DVD  1997 Mr. Olympia   5th place
    A-0963DVD  1998 Mr. Olympia  Sadly Paul withdrew due to illness
    V-087DVD  1994 FIBO 
    V-093DVD  1997 FIBO
    A-1230DVD 1996 Battle for the Olympia.  Possibly the only training footage ever seen of Paul Dillett.
    V-081DVD  1993 Iron Man Pro Invitational  4th place
    V-092DVD  1996 Iron Man Pro Invitational  2nd place - his highest placing ever.
    GMV-358DVD  1999 Mr. Olympia Pump Room
    A-1231DVD  1997 Battle for the Olympia - Paul Dillett trains arms
    A-1232DVD 1998 Battle for the Olympia - Paul trains shoulders
    GMV-360DVD  1999 Mr. Olympia Interviews  A rare interview with Paul
    GMV-278DVD  1997 English Grand Prix  4th place
    GMV-279DVD  1997 English Grand Prix Pump Room 
    V-089DVD  FIBO '95 - Stars of World Bodybuilding 
    V-094DVD  1997 Iron Man Pro Invitational  5th place

    * Available in NTSC DVD Only (Region Free)
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