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1977 WABBA World Championships: Amateur & Professional - Prejudging & Show
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Duration: 82 mins
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1977 WABBA World Championships: Amateur & Professional - Prejudging & Show

Also on Digital Download. 

This prestigious men's event was staged by Serge Nubret in Paris in November 1977.

One of the show highlights was the Lifetime Achievement Award presented to special guest STEVE REEVES by Serge Nubret.

The show was a sell-out with a fantastic, screaming audience of 3000 crazy fans, typical of events held in Paris.

Shot on film with music added, the DVD includes all of the highlights from the Prejudging and Show.

See AHMET ENUNLU win the posedown to become Overall WABBA Amateur Mr. World. In the pose-down he defeated Mr. Universe champions such as BILL RICHARDSON and WILFRED SYLVESTER.

In the Pro division see a rampant SERGIO OLIVA destroy his main opposition in Tony Emmott and Bill Grant to become Pro Mr World. All of the Pro competitors were former Mr Universe winners. Sergio was Mr Olympia from 1967 to 1969.

To see Sergio in the 1971 NABBA Pro Universe please click here for V-108DVD.

Next day we taped a pumping and posing film with Sergio at poolside which we edited and released as part of the Sergio Oliva Super DVD, see below.

3rd placed Pro competitor BILL GRANT has his own training  DVD which is available from GMV. Click here for more details on A-1208DVD.
Bill is also in our pumping and posing DVD with Harold Dickinson and Serge Jacobs which is V-141DVD, please click here.  Harold was 6th in the Short Class.

I have posted a few photos below by Denie from this classic contest. Rear cover photos by Denie. Front cover photo by Edward Hankey.

SERGIO OLIVA – “The Myth” SERGIO OLIVA – “The Myth”.
This DVD contains all the footage we have from throughout Sergio’s illustrious career, plus an amazing photo gallery and more. See a full description of contents by clicking on the thumbnail image. "It has been 12 months in the planning and making and is my tribute to his life in bodybuilding.

Sergio is probably the most genetically gifted and totally amazing bodybuilder I have ever seen in all my 42 years of shooting top bodybuilders. Wayne Gallasch, April 2008"
GMV-690DVD | $49.95

Classic Collection # 1 Classic Collection # 1  

Our first release on DVD from the Golden Era of Bodybuilding and Weight Lifting. It's THE CLASSIC COLLECTION # 1 DVD. This will read like a who’s who of the iron game as the names go on and on.

See the product page for a brief run down on the champions we identified in the approximate order in which they appear. Includes the best known posing footage of STEVE REEVES and so much more.


1977 WABBA World Championships: RESULTS

Overall Amateur Winner:
Ahmet Enünlü Turkey
Professional Winner: Sergio Oliva USA

Tall Class
1  Bill Richardson UK
2  Gabin Lambert France
3  Arthur Standard Barbados
4  John Wood UK
5  Ken Bradshaw Trinidad
6  Alwyn Djaoen Holland

Medium Class
1  Ahmet Enünlü Turkey
2  Dave Johns USA
3  Eddie McDonough UK
4  Janko Rudman Sweden
5  Jules Jupiter France
6  Peter Fules Germany

Short Class
1  Wilfred Sylvester St. Lucia
2  Gerard Buinoud France
3  Terry Phillips UK
4  Salvador Ruiz Spain
5  Steve Shabani Spain
6  Harold Dickinson UK

Professional Class
1  Sergio Oliva USA
2  Tony Emmott UK
3  Bill Grant USA
4  Roy Duval UK
5  Paul Wynter UK

Running Time: 82 minutes.

*This is a direct transfer to DVD with no special features.

NTSC DVD Only. (Open Region)

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