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2001 NABBA World Championships: The Men - Prejudging
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Duration: 90 mins
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2001 NABBA World Championships: The Men - Prejudging

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Baden Austria was the place to be on June 9th 2001 for the NABBA World Championships. A fantastic competition of superlative standard.

This Men's Prejudging DVD shows the posing routines of all athletes not included in the top 6 for Classes 2, 3 & 4; (for the top six see the Show DVD, GMV-423DVD); the symmetry rounds and all round 3 comparisons. As a special bonus we included all the posing routines of the 8 fantastic Class 1 competitors.

Please click here for The Men - The Show from this event, GMV-423DVD.
2001 NABBA World Championships: The Men - The Show 2001 NABBA World Championships: The Men - The Show  

You will see Eli Hanna in the best shape of his life being beaten by awesome newcomer Salvatori Orazio in one of the best posedowns we have ever seen on the NABBA stage.

In all 54 men spread throughout 6 classes (including Juniors, Masters, and 4 Men’s height classes) battled it out for the top honours and superb trophies.


2001 NABBA World Championships: Pump Room - Men & Women 2001 NABBA World Championships: Pump Room - Men & Women  

Held in Baden Austria in June 2001, this magnificent contest will remain in the record books forever as one of the very best.

The Pump Room video includes both men and women, because they were pumping up together throughout the event and it was impossible to separate them. Pumping, hot bodies, sweat and oil makes for a very sexy combination!


Running time: 90 mins

2001 NABBA World Championships
June 9th, 2001   Baden, Austria


1. David Dahan (France)
2. John Elesen (Holland)
3. Nick Dean (Australia)
4. Denis Nikiforov (Russia)
5. Roman Zhilin (Ukraine)
6. Mantas Butenas Lithuania)

1. Patrick De Wiest (Belgium)
2. Dimitri Zolin (Russia)
3. Jürgen Billmeier (Germany)
4. Tom Johnston (Scotland)
5. Tony Rizzo (Australia)
6.  Max Pangerl (Austria)
Aleksandr Bardin (Russia)
Viktor Tkatsenko (Estonia)
Earl Maduro (Holland)

Men’s Class 4
1. Paul Sutton (England)
2. Robert Bascha (Holland)
3. Marlon Mynhals (Holland)
4. Robert Sternisa (Slovenia)
5. Ali Farrukh (Sweden)
6. Marcel Siraev (Russia)
7. Vlasis Bagiatis (Greece)

Men’s Class 3
1. Salvatori Orazio (Italy)
2. Steve Sinton (Scotland)
3. Frank Graf (Germany)
4. Dimitri Graskovsky (Belgium)
5. Vladimir Belousov (Russia)
6. Ray Polfliet (Holland)
Andreas Vavra (Austria)
Markus Grieer (Austria)
Alexei Chaikine (Russia)
Dimirti Dimihiev (Russia)
Pierre Mifsud (Malta)

Men’s Class 2
1. Rene Meier (Germany)
2. Billy Leahy (USA)
3. Andrea Mencarelli (Italy)
4. Lee Newman (Australia)
5. Erik Overdevest (Holland)
6. Wolfgang Peelz (Germany)
Alexei Arkhireev (Russia)
Alexandre Baldine (Russia)
Jean Mondolini (France)
Boris Shamraev (Russia)
Jens Plasczyk (Germany)
Luca Brioni (Italy)
Alex Kirschke (Germany)

Men’s Class 1
1. Eli Hanna (Israel)
2. Chris Wall (England)
3. Mario Hemmer (Austria)
4. Guy Grundy (Australia)
5. Marek Kalmus (Estonia)
6. Basilis Zachilas (Greece)
Eric McEntyre (Australia)
Jurgen Dietrich (Germany)


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