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2003 NABBA Australian & S.A. Bodybuilding & Fitness Championships: The Men
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Duration: 156 mins
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2003 NABBA Australian & S.A. Bodybuilding & Fitness Championships: The Men -
Prejudging  & Show

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Held in Adelaide, South Australia on 13th September 2003, this prestigious contest showcased the very best physiques in Australia.
Outstanding overall winner Mark McIntyre blitzed the field to take out a very deserved victory as the new NABBA Mr Australia.

Also includes these outstanding classes:  Masters Over 40 and 50, Teens, Juniors, and Novice as well as the 3 Open classes.

Includes the new Men's Athletic Class won by JASON LYDEAMORE  S.A.

To see the complete Women's Contest from this event, Prejudging and Show, GMV-542DVD, please click here. 
2003 NABBA Australian & S.A. Bodybuilding Championships: Women - Prejudging & Show 2003 NABBA Australian & S.A. Bodybuilding Championships: Women - Prejudging & Show  

This prestigious contest showcased some of Australia's finest female bodybuilding talent. Overall Figure Champion was Adelaide's own Leigh Jarrett who blitzed the field with her outstanding physique.

Classes also included Women's Physique, Women's Over 35, and Novice Women. The DVD includes the state South Australian Bodybuilding and Fitness titles. Vicki Reid of NSW was an outstanding winner of the Women's Physique Class.

See the Complete 2003 NABBA Australia results click here. 

Enjoy 156 minutes of the very best male bodybuilders in Australia in 2003.  We present the complete Prejudging through to all the individual posing, awards, posedowns and Overall Award at the Show.

Class Winners of the South Australian Men's Titles were:

2003 Mr. South Australia: BRIAN WELLS
Men's Novice: ADAM FENNELL  S.A.
Men's Athletic: JASON LYDEAMORE  S.A.
Men's Teenage: DAVID LUKIC  S.A.


Men's Teenage: DAVID LUKIC  S.A.
Men's Junior: ANDREW COX  VIC
Men's Novice: ADAM FENNELL  S.A.
Men's Athletic: JASON LYDEAMORE  S.A.
Masters Over 40: LES RUDOLF  VIC
Masters Over 50: DON MAHONEY  VIC
Men's Open Class 3: MATT McLEAN  VIC
Men's Open Class 2: MARK McENTYRE  NSW
Men's Open Class 1: BRIAN WELLS  S.A.

2003 NABBA Australian Championships & S.A. Championships - Complete Results
Adelaide  13/9/2003
(The highest placed South Australian competitor in each class is also the S.A. Champion)

Overall Mr. Australia: Mark McEntyre  NSW
Overall Australian Figure Champion: Leigh Jarrett  SA

Overall Mr. South Australia: Brian Wells
Overall South Australian Figure Champion: Leigh Jarrett

Men's Teenage
1.  David Lukic  S.A.  
Men's Junior
1.  Andrew Cox  VIC
2.  Adam Mander  S.A. 
Men's Masters Over 40
1.  Les Rudolph  VIC
Men's Masters Over 50
1.  Don Mahoney  VIC
2.  Manfred Hamilton  VIC
3.  Phil Peake  S.A. 
Men's Athletic
1.  Jason Lydeamore  S.A. 
2.  Steven Luckhurst  S.A.  
3.  Jesper Lowgren  N.S.W.
4.  Mathew Simon  S.A.     
5.  Ian Standen  S.A.          
6.  Wayne Wilson  VIC
7.  Michael Gorzechowski  S.A. 
Men's Novice
1.  Adam Fennell  S.A.
2.  Mark Guster  S.A. 
3.  Paul Smith  W.A.
4.  Greg Harrison  S.A.
5.  Blair Loveday  VIC
6.  Justin Kerkman S.A. 
7.  Kris Porthill  VIC
Men's Open Class 3
1.  Matt McLean  VIC
2.  Brad Turnbull  W.A.
3.  Renald Buhagiar  VIC
4.  Ricky Sweeney  NSW
Men's Open Class 2
1.  Mark McEntyre  NSW (Overall Mr. Australia)
2.  Justin Rogers  VIC
3.  Grant King  NSW
4.  Steve Bennett  VIC
Men's Open Class 1
1.  Brian Wells  SA
2.  Nik Jovic  VIC
3.  Mark Smith  VIC
4.  Andreas Schafer  SA  
Women's Physique
1.  Vicki Reid  N.S.W.
2.  Sandra Jose  VIC
Women's Novice Figure
1.  Mardi Dix  SA 
2.  Linda Nix  WA
3.  Carolyn Stepp  VIC
4.  Janne Roenning  VIC
5.  Rose Flaherty  NSW
Women's Figure Class 2 - Short
1.  Railee Williams  WA
2.  Rosanna Lowgren  NSW
3.  Laura Clements  TAS
Women's Figure Class 1 - Tall
1.  Leigh Jarrett  SA  (Overall Figure Champion)
2.  Sonya Horne  SA  
Women's Figure Over 35
1.  Catherine Crow  SA
2.  Jan-Marie Larson  SA
3.  Esther Pedesic  SA  


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