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In Depth With Don Mahoney - Mr World Seminar, Training and Posing
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Duration: 105 mins
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In Depth With Don Mahoney - Mr World Seminar, Training and Posing.

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This entertaining and instructional video brings you 30 years of training wisdom from Australia’s most popular and charismatic physique champion - Don Mahoney.

During the 30 plus years Don has been competing, he has won dozens of titles from Champion of his local State of Victoria, through to numerous Australian national titles. In 1995 he crowned his achievements with the Masters World title in Malta.

With his vast experience, a lot of hard work, dedication and self belief Don has achieved the ultimate for a person - he would be the first to tell you - who was not blessed with Schwarzenegger’s genetics.

You too can learn how to reach the top and achieve your full potential, if you follow Don’s guide lines. He is one of the most knowledgeable and respected physique champions every produced in Australia.

Don stands at 6’ (182 cm) and weighs in at 230 lbs (104 kgs) in contest shape. He operates Spartans Gym and Fitness Arena in Melbourne and his complex is arguably the largest in Australia. He now manufactures his own excellent range of Spartans supplements and regularly lectures on nutrition throughout Australia.

Don demonstrates various exercises in the gym, talks in great detail about nutrition and diet, and tells us about the champions who have influenced him. We also include classic posing routines from some of Don’s greatest contest appearances, including the NABBA Universe and NABBA World Championships.
Please click here for the complete show at the 1995 NABBA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS - MALTA, A-0836DVD, to see how Don win his World Masters title.

Contents of this DVD in order shown:

Seminar  26 mins
Posing at 1990 NABBA Mr World Masters and Don's 2nd place award  3 mins
Seminar  9 mins
Workout training tips on technique and posing in a tank top  7 mins
Seminar  11 mins
Posing at the 1991 NABBA Universe  2 mins
Seminar – highlighting nutrition and diet  16 mins
Posing at the 1993 NABBA Mr Australasia and Don's award  3 mins
Seminar concluding with posing in tank top  17 mins
Competing in the 1995 NABBA Australia  6 mins
Competing in and winning the Masters at the 1995 NABBA Worlds  3 mins
List of Don's titles as at early 1996, end credits etc  2 minute

Running time: 105 mins


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