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Classic Collection # 4
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Duration: 60 mins
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Classic Collection # 4

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This latest DVD in our Classic Collection series features the stars of the seventies in our priceless collection of the greatest names of the period. Kal Szkalak, Lee Haney as a Teenager, Sergio Oliva, Frank Zane versus Boyer Coe at the NABBA Universe,  Bill Grant and many more. There is very little footage of Kal Szkalak available making this DVD a rare treat for Szkalak fans. 

Seeing Lee Haney as a teenager reminds you of the enormous promise and potential he had back then which enabled him to later set the record (now shared by Ronnie Coleman), for the most Mr Olympia victories at 8.

Most of this rare film footage was shot by Wayne Gallasch in the early to mid 70s. In some instances it is the only known film of some of these stars. Background music added.
Photos clockwise from top left rear of cover: Dennis Tinerino, Dale Adrian, Frank Zane, Chet Yorton large photo, Kal Szkalak, Lee Haney, Serge Nubret, Clint Beyerle, Frank Richard, Paul Grant & Boyer Coe.

Running time: 60 mins

Here is a complete list of contents in order seen:

Serge Nubret posing on stage, mid 70s.
Kal Szkalak bench press (405 lbs x 5 reps) and guest posing, mid 70s.
Rick Bruch and others competing in Germany, late 70s.
Bill Richardson - Mr Universe, guest posing in Europe, 1970s.
Chet Yorton, studio posing shot by Wayne on 27th September, 1975, right after he won the NABBA Pro Mr Universe title. Main cover photo.
Robbie Robinson, Dale Adrian, Scott Wilson and Clint Beyerle at the 1975 AAU Mr America.
Peter Phillips - Mr Wales, Dennis Wilkins, Frank Richard and Paul Grant at the 1970 Mr Wales, UK show.
Lee Haney pumping and posing outdoors at the 1979 Teen Mr USA.
Frank Zane, Boyer Coe and Dennis Tinerino at the 1972 NABBA Mr Universe.
Dennis Wilkins posing in a park in Paris, France, 1971 on the day after the Mr Olympia.
Paul Grant posing in Hyde Park on the day before the 1971 NABBA Mr Universe. Rear cover photo is from this shoot.
John Bubb guest posing at the 1970 Mr Wales, UK contest.
Sergio Oliva guest posing at the 1971 Mr Olympia in Paris.
John Hart - Mr Australia competitor posing on Coogee Beach, Sydney, Australia.

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