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FIBO '89: Highlights from the world's biggest fitness show
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Duration: 90 mins
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FIBO '89: Highlights from the world's biggest Bodybuilding & Fitness show

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FIBO 1989 is the title of this special edition of our BODYWORLD series, taped in Germany at the giant FIBO Expo. This international video magazine, now on DVD, presents a 90 minute galaxy of physique stars from USA and Europe.
The FIBO show stages present a never ending round of posing shows throughout the day. There is nothing quite like it any where else in the world.

We are gradually getting all of our old FIBO master tapes converted to master DVDs.

Running time: 90 mins

Highlights are as follows: 

Posing by these superstars of bodybuilding from  the 80s and 90s:

Shawn Ray
Vince Taylor
Mike Quinn
Anja Langer
Gary Strydom
Berry de Mey
Rich Gaspari
John Brown
Ron Love
Bob Paris
Renate Holland
Phil Hill
Robbie Robinson
Peter Hensel
Claudia Profanter
Mike Christian
Ronald Matz
Juliette Bergmann
Brian Buchanan
Bertil Fox
Tony Pearson
Ellen Van Maris
Anja Schreiner, and more. 
Includes interviews with Bill Pearl and many more champions, plus training tips from the stars.

German & English language soundtrack.

This video and cover, now on DVD, was licensed to GMV Productions by Willy Zdenek of
I have recently learned from Berry de Mey that this is the correct way to write his name. He is variously listed on our GMV site as Berry DeMey, Berry De Mey or Berry deMey. The correct spelling of Berry de Mey will now be used in future.

Click here for the COMPLETE INDEX OF FIBO DVDs.


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