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Held in Southport, England on October 4th, the 2008 NABBA Universe Men at the Evening Show also includes the complete judging of the Professional Mr. Universe class.

You will see the posing routines of all top 6 amateur competitors in all classes plus the posing routines of all Professional Mr. Universe competitors. Includes the posedown for the Overall Amateur Mr. Universe, won by LIONEL BEYEKE of France, plus all awards.  Lionel made history by being the first Frenchman to win the Overall Amateur Mr. Universe title. The Professional winner was ALESSANDRO SAVI of Italy. 

Tribute and comments on the 2008 NABBA Mr. Universe by Don Phillips, USA.

One of the most impressive discoveries of the last NABBA Universe was Pro winner Alessandro Savi from Italy, a guy I had never heard of, taking the biggest prize of the night.  I'm recommending that you check out the NABBA Universe video available from the awesome folks at GMV video, an Australian company that has the best collection of competition videos for sale in the world BAR NONE.
I'm not affiliated with them in any way but I am a fan of their excellent service and their collection which goes back to Arnold in the early seventies and other greats of the period, and has great videos documenting these guys through the eighties, nineties and up to the present day.  If you are interested in bodybuilding DVDs this is a great spot to shop!

Serge Nubret at 2008 Universe - photo by Wayne Gallasch.

Past Universe winners SERGE NUBRET and BILL RICHARDSON were also introduced on stage.

Special presentation to Mickey Stewart.
Photo Gallery.

Running time: 110 mins

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Click here to read Wayne's full Hard News contest report on the 2008 NABBA Universe.

2008 NABBA Universe - Complete Men's Results
Southport, England, 4th October, 2008

Professional Mr. Universe

1. Alessandro Savi - Italy
2. Lionel Beyeke - France
3. Charles Mario - Brazil
4. Charlie Chirah Abboh - Norway
5. Mike Sheridan - U.K.
6. Joao Bispo de Andrade - Brazil
7. Yuriy Kovalov - Ukraine
8. Paul George - U.K.
9. Mike King - U.K.
10. Alexey Netesanov - Russia
11. Steven de Windt - Holland

Amateur Mr. Universe


Masters Over 40
1. Nortom James Murayama - Brazil
2. Mikhail Bryukhanov - Russia
3. Terry Fisher - UK
4. Oscar Roberts - U.K.
5. Aart van de Gruiter - Holland
6. Carl Stevens - U.K.
7. Chris Finn - Rep. of Ireland
8. Andrew Binch - U.K.
Kevin Welch - U.K.
Vadim Zakharov - Russia
Valeriy Lutsak - Ukraine
Roger Leon Vega - France
Steven Azor - South Africa
Safa Tatan - Syria
Michael Vostry - Germany
Igor Slyusarenko - Ukraine
Sammy Ioannidis - Australia
Niki Adametz - Austria

Masters Over 50
1. Walter van Elderen - Holland
2. Dave Steele - U.K.
3. Josef Rac - Czech Rep
4. Dave Clarke - Wales/U.K.
5. Martyn Yates-Brown - U.K.
6. Alan Turner - U.K.
7. Gary Kamil - U.S.A.
8. Malcolm Sherratt - U.K.
9. Derek Jones - U.K.

1. Jakub Subrt - Czech Rep
2. Steven Coates - U.K.
3. James Day - U.K.
4. Jason Mortimer - U.K.

Mr. Class 4
1. Marilandio Ponchet - Brazil
2. Simone Meattini - Italy
3. Jose Flores Sanchez - Mexico
4. Fernando Luiz Sardinha - Brazil
5. Christian Lacoche - France
6. Eligio Campos Belmont - Mexico
7. Ian Sturrock - U.K.
8. David Dahan - France
9. Vinty Johnston - U.K.
Marius Alcide - U.K .
Uwe Horter - Germany

Mr. Class 3
1. Petr Vanis - Czech Rep.
2. Tony Mount - U.K.
3. Arthur Baron - South Africa
4. Dominique Verney - France
5. Justin Trollope - Wales/U.K.
6. Luis Vidal - Spain
7. Andy Polhill - U.K.
8. Paul White - Rep. of Ireland
Andrey Sychov - Ukraine
Bradley Burrowes - U.K. 
Vladimir Belousov - Russia
Bruce McCall - U.K.
Jack McDaniel - Rep of Ireland
Tarif Sheikh - UAE
Sergey Bezchasnyi - Ukraine
Robert Meli - Malta
James Room - U.K.

Mr. Class 2
1. Lionel Beyeke - France
2. Andy James - U.K.
3. Stefano di Muzio - Italy
4. Samuel Vieira - Brazil
5. David Bell - U.K.
6. Justin Wessels - Australia
7. Sergey Dukhota - Ukraine
8. Aleksey Shaykin - Russia
Igor Rashoyants - Ukraine
Tadas Blazys - Lithuania
Gerald Lopez - France
Robert McAllister - U.K.
Konstantin Zhelamskiy - Ukraine
Oliver Gordano - Malta
Andrew Pinnock - U.K.
Kai Lyons - U.K.
Paulius Stankevicius - Lithuania
Marc Misdorp - South Africa
Pavlo Zelenko - Ukraine
Relu Gauca - Rep. Ireland

Mr. Class 1
1. Andre Santos - Brazil
2. Laurie Carr - U.K.
3. Enda Wright - Rep. of Ireland
4. Sergey Klenyshev - Russia
5. Pavel Vacek - Czech Republic
6. Lukas Gabris - U.K.
7. Rob Reinaldo - U.K.
8. Paulius Jasiukaitis - Lithuania
Eddie Gray - U.K.
Stas Struzberg - Israel
Roberto Morando - Australia
Andreas Ehrschwendtner - Austria
Adrian Sutcliffe - U.K.
Milan Blanusa - Serbia
Robert Smutny - Czech Rep.

For the Complete Men’s Universe Results listing every single competitor, please click here.  

This DVD includes a Photo Gallery with all photos by Roger Shelley, courtesy Alex McKenna – The Beef Magazine.  


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