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1993 NABBA Mr. Universe: Amateur & Professional: The Men - The Show
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Duration: 90 mins
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1993 NABBA Mr. Universe: Amateur & Professional: The Men - The Show

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The battle of the champions at the fantastic International Convention Centre (ICC) in Birmingham, England on October 2nd, 1993.
A massive lineup (total of 136 bodybuilders from 25 countries - an all time record) really had the judges working for their coffee and biscuits!  I know we say this almost every year, but this year most of all, never have so many superlative physiques graced the Universe stage in both men's and women's categories. The '93 Universe was a superb event, and GMV was there, as always, to capture all the action.

The Men's Show DVD includes the posing by all top 6 finalists in each class from Amateur to Professional, together with the tense posedown for Overall Amateur Mr. Universe for 1993.  Watch for the battle between Australia's John Terilli in the Professional Class making a comeback - versus the eventual winner Ed Kawak.

Ed Kawak looked sharper than he did in his last Universe victory, huge and dense with skin as tight as a drum. Australia’s John Terilli also looked sensational and only lacked the density compared to Kawak.  It was a bit like Mentzer against Zane in separating these two great stars of the sport. This was just in the professional division. The Amateurs included stars such as the class winners listed below and many more including Peter Lareau from USA, Charles Duca, Lutz Wilke, Mike King and many more.
These are some of the highlights that made this one of our best productions for 1993.

The rear cover above shows Pro Mr. Universe winner ED KAWAK on the right and CHARLES DUCA of the famous arms on the left.

Please click here for THE WOMEN'S PREJUDGING & SHOW from this event, GMV-170DVD.
Please click here for THE MEN'S PREJUDGING from this event, GMV-168DVD.
Please click here for the COMPLETE RESULTS from this event.

The class winners were: 

Professional Mr Universe - Edward Kawak (France)
Men's Class 1 - Kevin O'Grady (Australia)
Men's Class 2 - Dennis Francis (Overall Amateur Mr Universe) UK
Men's Class 3 - Antonio Valenti (Italy)
Men's Class 4 - Colin Wright (UK)
Masters - Bernard Bryan (UK)

Please click here for GMV-168DVD, 1993 NABBA Universe, The Men's Prejudging.
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1993 NABBA Universe - Complete Men's Results

Overall Amateur Mr. Universe Winner: Dennis Francis - UK 

Tall Class 1
1   Kevin O'Grady - Australia
2   Peter LaReau - USA
3   Hannes Engelschall - Austria
4   Dayo Audi - UK
5   Leen Koenen - Holland
6   Jaroen Van Der Linden - Holland
7   Roy Kendrick - UK
8   Michael Golke - Germany
Eric Hartley - UK
Steve Taylor - Australia
Rafi Rohoveny - Israel
Randy Vogelzang - Holland
Ahmed Outsmalia - France
Pierre van der Westhuizen - South Africa
David Fjallrud - Sweden

Medium-Tall Class 2
1   Dennis Francis - UK
2   Sergio Desantis - Australia
3   Lutz Wilke - Germany
4   Dennis James - USA
5   Emmanuel Weill - France
6   Warren Treasure - UK
7   Tony Twigg - UK
8   Norbert Hullen - Germany
Boris Iriyaski - Russia
Gilbert Alaskadi - Rep. of Chad
Manfred Warschilska - Austria
Francesco "Migger" Milazzo - Italy
Mike Buder - Australia
Sergei Shapochka - Ukraine
Eddie Reid - New Zealand
Ermilio Scoop - Holland
Ian Wells - UK
Erik Overdevest - Holland
Juan Antonio Beitia - Spain
Anthony Zerafa - Malta

Medium Class 3
1   Antonio Valente - Italy
2   Charles Duca - Malta
3   Billy Jones - UK
4   Jonathen Satariano - Malta
5   Horst Welz - Germany
6   Victor Sacharuk - Belarus
7   Hubert Weberpals - Germany
8   Erwin Lehner - Austria
Russell Short - UK
Igor Chivel - Belarus
Boris Shlipkin - Russia
Kurt Pedersen - Denmark
Ali Yusuf Ibrahim - Somalia
Henk Jan Heinen - Holland
Claude Marty - France
Paul Carson - USA
Kobi Di-Kore - Israel

Short Class 4
1   Colin Wright - UK
2   Reimund Tosolini - Germany
3   Mike King - UK
4   Alfonso Gomez - Spain
5   Jason Corrick - UK
6   Marlon Mijnals - Holland
7   Victor Hobson - UK
8   Quinn Lay - Australia
Gary Jones - New Zealand
Stephen Bonsfield - Malta
Ray Navarro - UK
Dimitriy Kraskovsky - Belarus
Antoine Garcia - France
Patrick Ebejer - Malta

1   Bernard Bryan - UK
2   Max Pangerl - Austria
3   Don Mahoney - Australia
4   Paul Garner - UK
5   Chris Deakin - UK
6   Walter Engelskircher - Germany
7   Santo Milazzo - Italy
8   Roud van Gent - Holland
Edward Biziouk - Belarus
Gilbert Dierckx - Belgium
James Wallace - USA
Roy Cox - UK
Dimitri Zolin - Russia
Michael Gigliotti - USA
William Weathers - Denmark
Roland Kerber - Germany
Maurizio Forconi - Italy

1993 Professional Mr. Universe
1   Edward Kawak - France
2   John Terilli - Australia
3   Abdel Bouhafs - France
4   Shaun Davis - UK

Running time: 90 mins 


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