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FIBO ’98: Biceps Power - Where The Stars Gather
Code: V-096DVD
Duration: 90 mins
Price: $29.95
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FIBO ’98: Biceps Power - Where The Stars Gather

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See many more and many different physique stars than seen in any previous FIBO DVD!  This is truly the place "Where the Stars Gather".

The Super Stars of World Bodybuilding gathered again in Essen, Germany for the biggest and best FIBO ever! All the live action highlights from the World's biggest Bodybuilding and Fitness Show in 1998.

If you love hard core bodybuilding posing action, then this DVD is a smorgasbord of guest posing. We have included four exciting interviews so that we could extend the production to 90 hard core minutes of the latest bodybuilding action. These interviews include Shawn Ray, Denise Masino, Shaun Davis and Stephan Corte. Stephan has made a remarkable comeback from cancer, and at this year's FIBO does a world record 100 squats with 100 Kg.

Some of the names listed may seem new. They are all top amateur stars of European bodybuilding - our super stars of the future. In fact this DVD includes more stars than you can poke a stick at! Also includes the amazing COLOSSUS Greg Kovacs.

Mr Olympia competitors included SHAWN RAY, GUNTER SCHLIERKAMP, MARCUS RUHL, MOHAMMAD MUSTAFA, CHARLES CLAIRMONTE and many times Masters Mr. Olympia winner VINCE TAYLOR.

Running time: 90 mins

See all the action and all the stars including the following :

Gunter Schlierkamp
Marcus Ruhl

Shawn Ray
Charles Clairmonte

Frederica Belli

Vince Taylor

Thomas Scheu

Ines Vogel

Stephan Korte

Mohammad Mustafa

Michael Baack

Greg Kovacs

Minna Lessig

Tonia Zander

Tina Pusch

Enzo Ferrari

Frank Schramm

Denise Masino

Jurgen Koch

Susana Palma

Sascha Plasa

Shaun Davis

Alexandra Beres

Jeff Long

'Mr. Bombastic’

Jacqueline de Gennaro

Thomas Bulianek

Oliver Bschorr

Marika Johanssen

Dian Partheymüller

Janine Raschka

Uta Köhler

Gamal Attia

Matthias Meixner

Alexander Fjodorov


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