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RONNY “THE ROCK” ROCKEL Training – Posing – Contest Action
Code: GMV-736DVD
Duration: 115 mins
Price: $34.95
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RONNY “THE ROCK” ROCKEL Training – Posing – Contest Action

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Many times Olympian and top IFBB Pro RONNY ROCKEL from Germany takes you through an inspiring and intense full body workout, not just once but twice! In this hard core training DVD, see the exact style and form for all the exercises that Ronny performs in his regular workouts. The first part of his training was shot in Las Vegas, 2 days before the 2008 Mr. Olympia. Ronny shows you his training pre-Olympia style, in his “rock hard” condition - hard core as ever! He flexes and poses each bodypart as he works out. In top contest shredded condition!

You also see Ronny, hard as a rock, training back in Germany, in a complete body workout, shot over 4 days in the period immediately prior to travelling to the Olympia. Includes some German chat in this segment which is also 100% hard core training. You also see some glimpses of  Ronny’s helper and good friend, Mr Germany, Manuel Bauer.
This German workout footage and Ronny's photo shoot for a magazine on the day before the Olympia was exclusively shot by Matthias Busse, with thanks also to Team Andro from Germany.

On the day after the Mr. Olympia contest, while still shredded, Ronny poses in brilliant sunshine - poolside in Las Vegas for Wayne’s camera. See lots of  oiling, tensing and posing both in ¾ body scenes and in extreme closeup. This is followed by a dive into the cooling pool and some amazing impromptu pool posing!

The DVD also includes the backstage Iron Man Pro tanning booth, prejudging and posing highlights from the 2009 IRON MAN PRO where Ronny placed 3rd, plus Ronny’s appearance at the 2009 ARNOLD CLASSIC.

Ronny won the 2006 Australian Pro Grand Prix. Please click here for details on this DVD, GMV-645DVD.
Please click here to see RONNY ROCKEL in his first DVD for GMV, POWER SURGE, GMV-641DVD.

Extra Features:

Photo Gallery - 57 photos showing most aspects of the DVD.


Richard Rossan
Wayne Gallasch
Matthias Busse
Michael Neveux courtesy Iron Man

Special Thanks:

Richard Rossan for the assistance in this production.
Matthias Busse for all German footage plus photos.

Running time: 115 mins

Ronny Rockel Complete Contest History

NABBA Hessian Championships, Did not place

NABBA German National Championships, 1st
NABBA World Championships, Medium, 3rd
NABBA German Championships, Class 4, 1st

NABBA Mr Universe, Medium, 2nd

NABBA Mr Universe, Medium, 2nd

NABBA Mr Universe, Medium, 2nd
WABBA World Championships, Short, 1st

IFBB International German Championships, Overall Winner

IFBB Grand Prix Holland, 7th
IFBB Grand Prix Hungary, 4th
IFBB Maximum Pro Invitational, 6th
IFBB Night of Champions, 15th

IFBB Grand Prix Australia, 7th
IFBB Grand Prix England, 7th
IFBB Grand Prix Holland, 7th
IFBB Hungarian Pro Invitational, 6th
IFBB Iron Man Pro Invitational, 10th
IFBB Night of Champions, 14th

IFBB Grand Prix Australia, 3rd
IFBB Mr. Olympia - IFBB, Did not place

IFBB Grand Prix Australia, Winner
IFBB Grand Prix Austria, 5th
IFBB Grand Prix Holland, 3rd
IFBB Mr. Olympia, Did not place

IFBB Arnold Classic, 8th
IFBB Colorado Pro Championships, 4th
IFBB Grand Prix Australia, 2nd
IFBB Mr. Olympia, 11th
IFBB Santa Susanna Pro, 3rd

IFBB Arnold Classic, 13th
IFBB Grand Prix Australia, 6th
IFBB Grand Prix New Zealand, 6th
IFBB Grand Prix Romania, 2nd
IFBB New York Pro Championships, Open, 3rd
IFBB Mr. Olympia, 14th
IFBB Romanian Grand Prix, 2nd

Iron Man Pro, 3rd
IFBB Arnold Classic, 10th
IFBB Mr. Olympia, 7th

Arnold Classic - IFBB, 6th
European Pro - IFBB, Winner
Olympia - IFBB, 6th

Arnold Classic - IFBB, 6th
European Pro - IFBB, Winner
British Grand Prix - IFBB, 4th
European Pro - IFBB, Winner
FIBO Germany - IFBB, 2nd
New York Pro Championships - IFBB, Open, 2nd
Olympia - IFBB, 9th

Arnold Classic Europe - IFBB, 6th
British Grand Prix - IFBB, Open, 5th
Nordic Pro (Finland) - IFBB, 3rd
Olympia - IFBB, Open, 13th
Olympia - Masters - IFBB, 5th
Prague Pro Championships - IFBB, 7th

Arnold Classic - IFBB, 13th
Arnold Classic Brasil - IFBB, 9th
European Pro - IFBB, Open, 6th
FIBO Germany - IFBB, 5th

Running Time: 115 mins

A GMV Production in association with Ronny Rockel   


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