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2000 NABBA Australian Championships: Men's Prejudging
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Duration: 74 mins
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2000 NABBA Australian Championships: Men's Prejudging

This year's event was held in the state of Queensland, in the NE of Australia.  The 2000 Australia was a showcase for local, national and international talent. International - because most of the Australia winners went on to win at the World Championships in New Zealand just 2 weeks later.

There were 8 men's classes, including the 4 Open Classes, Men's Junior, Men's Novice, Men's Masters and for the first time, a Men's Fitness class.

This DVD includes the Symmetry round, and the Round 2 comparisons. All the posing routines are shown in the Men's Show DVD only. Please click here for THE SHOW GMV-365DVD.

Running time: 74 mins for the Men's Prejudging DVD.

The Mr. Australia Class Winners were:

Men's Juniors - Shane Parke (Vic)
Men's Masters - Kym Johncock (S.A.)
Men's Novice - Dean Riordan (W.A.)
Men's Class 4 - Nick Jones (S.A.)
Men's Class 3 - Grant Mayo (NSW)
Men's Class 2 - Gary Vandenberg (S.A.)
Men's Class 1 - Brian Anthony (Qld)
Mr. Fitness - Erich Fangmeyer (Vic) 

Click here for GMV-691DVDSP for an offering of all 4 feature DVDs on Nick Jones.  See photo below.
Please click here for THE MEN - THE SHOW from this event, GMV-365DVD.
Please click here for THE WOMEN'S DVD from this event, GMV363DVD.



Men’s Juniors

1. Shane Parke Vic
2. Michael Lea Qld
3. Jamie Drive Qld
4. Jonathon Matrai NSW
5. Jason Morrison  Qld
6. Michael Cooper  Qld
7. Mario Abdelsayed  NSW
8. Lui Maciel  WA

Men’s Novice

1. Dean Riordan  WA
2. Daniel Strawbridge  WA
3. Daniel Stefani  NSW
4. Ryan Hughes  Qld

Mr. Fitness

Erich Fangmeyer  Vic

Men’s Class 1 – Tall

1. Brian Anthony  Qld
2. Andrew Lamont  NSW
3. Scott Burgess Qld
4. John Rizzo  Vic
5. James Cross  Vic
6. Tony Griffin  SA
7. Phil Raymond  NSW

Men’s Class 2 – Medium Tall

1. Gary Vandenberg  SA
2. Enzo D’Alessandro  WA
3. Tony Green  Qld
4. Justin Rodgers  Vic
5. Craig Watson  Vic
6. Jim Briggs  NSW
7. Chris Chappell  NSW
8. George Avramis  Qld
9. Matt Lea  Vic
10. Dean Clark  Qld
11. Matt Dyer  Qld

Men’s Class 3 – Medium Short

1. Grant Mayo  NSW
2. Paul Robinson  Qld
3. Mitch Boormakin  NSW

Men’s Class 4 – Short

1. Nick Jones  SA
2. Colin Murphie  NSW
3. Rick Palermo  Vic
4. Mick Karl  Qld
5. Darryl Marshell  Qld

Men’s Masters

1. Kym Johncock  SA
2. Barry Whitnell  Vic
3. Tom Long  WA
4. Brad McMillan  WA
5. Bob Hardy  Qld
6. Dennis Dye  NSW
7. Clinton Black  Qld
8. Lance Bellington  Qld
9. Mark Jamieson  Qld


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