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Kai Greene – A New Breed – Vol. 2 REDEMPTION (Dual Price: US$34.95 and A$44.95 in Australia)
Code: A-1362DVD
Duration: 114 mins
Price: $34.95
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Kai Greene – A New Breed – Vol. 2 REDEMPTION
(Dual Price: US$34.95 and A$44.95 in Australia)


"The ability to succeed starts with making the decision to do so. Once you make the decision, just by deciding, half the battle is already won." - Kai Greene.

NEWS FLASH: Kai Greene won the 2011 NY PRO on May 28th.

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What does it take to be a champion? For the world's most compelling and charismatic bodybuilder, Kai Greene, success is an amalgamation of hardcore training, spiritual liberation and extreme dedication. But as Kai discovered on his bumpy road to the Mr. Olympia, staying true to oneself is the most critical ingredient for championship success.

Kai storms back on the big screen with a vengeance in the instant classic bodybuilding film REDEMPTION. Watch as "The Predator" not only successfully defends his 2009 Arnold Classic crown in 2010, but also settles the score following his disappointing 4th place finish in the 2009 Mr. Olympia.

His defeat at the Olympia was disheartening, but not demoralizing. Big Kai knew he hadn't achieved what he set out to do in Las Vegas because he didn't stay true to his carefully crafted plan. So for his 2010 Arnold Classic preparation plan he stayed true to himself and his strategy, pushing through each gruelling workout with purpose and focus. His one goal - to successfully defend his Arnold Classic title and bring the most massive, shredded and muscular physique to the stage.


REDEMPTION is the story of Kai Greene rising to the challenge, of him not doubting himself or his contest preparation plan, and going on to defeat two bodybuilders who beat him just six months earlier at the Mr. Olympia. The Arnold Classic competition represented his chance to extract sweet revenge... and to set the stage for his second attempt to claim the coveted Sandow trophy.

REDEMPTION chronicles Kai's preparation for the 2010 Arnold Classic, incorporating some of the most highly intense weight training ever captured on video tape. But there's so much more, including Kai's philosophical insight into his motivations to be the greatest bodybuilder in the world, his personal interaction with up-and-coming bodybuilders as a trainer, instructor and inspiration... and his positive message to anyone who, like him, dares to dream about achieving success and being their absolute best.

REDEMPTION explores the mental and spiritual bedrock upon which all of Kai's success has been based. This documentary examines what it takes to become a champion; what it takes to go from 4th place to 1st. Travel with Kai from Brooklyn to Columbus, from uncertainty to confidence, from disappointment to his personal redemption.

The DVD includes special scenes for Kai's fans. See a lucky bunch of fans who are interviewed and you will hear one guy explain why he is such a great fan of Kai.  Right after the interview there is a collage of different fans and in the top left portion of the screen you can see a short video of one of the fan's Kai Greene collection.

See here the Kai Greene REDEMPTION DVD Review by Gerry Triano.

This is the Complete Director's Cut with Bonus Features and Extended Scenes - as shot and produced by master lensman Mike Pulcinella.
Single Layer DVD Disc, with cover photo by Jason Breeze.
Extra photos by Gary Phillips at the 2010 Arnold Classic.                                         

Running time: 114 mins

2010 Arnold Classic Prejudging & FinalsCover photo left shows Kai's winning form at the 2010 Arnold Classic.
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