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2011 Mr. Olympia
Code: A-1371DVD
Duration: 240 mins
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2011 Mr. Olympia

A magnificent win by popular Phil Heath, with Jay Cutler a close second and Kai Greene third.

The 2011 Mr. Olympia DVD is a full four hours of magnificent muscle, including the 202 Showdown, complete prejudging footage of every athlete, posedowns, awards and more.

See the COMPLETE MEN'S RESULTS listed below.

The brand-new 2011 Olympia DVDs are 4 full hours each of the best bodies on Earth.
The Men’s DVD includes the 202 Showdown and the complete Mr. Olympia contest.
The Women’s DVD has all four classes: Ms. Olympia, Bikini, Figure and Fitness including all parts of each competition.
The two discs feature over 130 IFBB Professional athletes! The top 6 in each division include the following:

MR. OLYMPIA – Phil Heath, Jay Cutler, Kai Greene, Victor Martinez, Dennis Wolf and Dexter Jackson.
202 CHALLENGE – Kevin English, James “Flex” Lewis, Jose Raymond, Jaroslav Horvath, Shaun Tavernier, and Jason Arntz.
MS. OLYMPIA – Iris Kyle, Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia, Brigita Brezovac, Debi Laszewski, Alina Popa, and Sheila Black.
BIKINI OLYMPIA – Nicole Nagrani, Nathalia Melo, Dianna Dahlgren, Jaime Baird, Sonia Gonzales, and India Paulino.
FIGURE OLYMPIA – Nicole Wilkins, Erin Stern, Ava Cowan, Candice Keene, Teresa Anthony, and Alicia Harris.
FITNESS OLYMPIA – Adela Garcia, Tanji Johnson, Myriam Capes, Tina Durkin, Oksana Grishina, and Michelle Blank.

2011 Olympia - Complete List of Qualified Athletes.
There was a huge number of qualified athletes for this year's Olympia for the 2 men's classes and 4 women's classes, a total of 131 athletes.

Running time:
3 hours and 59 mins.


Click here for our GMV's CAMERA HISTORY and Models at the OLYMPIA since 1999.

The 2011 Mr. Olympia preview clip is used by GMV Productions with permission from Magna Media International.

2011 Olympia Women's DVD (US$39.95; A$49.95)  

  Click here for details on the 2011 Olympia Women's DVD, A-1372DVD.

2010 Muscle & Fitness Male Model Search & 2011 Muscle & Fitness Superpump Max Athlete Challenge 2010 Muscle & Fitness Male Model Search & 2011 Muscle & Fitness Superpump Max Athlete Challenge  

There were 60 competitors for the inaugural 2010 "M&F" Male Model Search contest. In this special DVD see the complete Prejudging and Finals through to the final presentation to STEPHEN COOK (pictured #14 rear cover above).

Again in 2011 this event was held at the Olympia Expo, Las Vegas Convention Center, with our DVD bringing you all of the action from the physique round held on the main stage, Saturday September 17th. The outstanding winner was Christopher Rueckert.

2011 Mr. Olympia Results                                                     

1. Phil Heath - USA
2. Jay Cutler - USA
3. Kai Greene - USA
4. Victor Martinez - Dominican Republic
5. Dennis Wolf - Germany
6. Dexter Jackson - USA
7. Toney Freeman - USA
8. Brandon Curry - USA
9. Ronny Rockel - Germany
10. Hidetada Yamagishi - Japan
11. Shawn Rhoden - USA
12. Edward Nunn - USA
13. Johnnie Jackson - USA
14. Marius Dohne - South Africa
15. Craig Richardson - USA
16. Ben White - USA
16. Evgeny Mishin - Russia
16. Frank McGrath - Canada
16. Marc LaVoie - Canada
16. Marcus Haley - USA
16. Michael Kefalianos - Australia
16. Robert Piotrkowicz - Poland
16. Robert Burneika - USA
16. Troy Alves - USA

2011 202 Olympia Showdown

1. Kevin English - USA
2. James “Flex” Lewis - UK
3. Jose Raymond - USA
4. Jaroslav Horváth - Slovakia
5. Shaun-Joseph Tavernier - UK
6. Jason Arntz - USA
7. Stan McQuay - USA
8. Tricky Jackson - USA
9. Al Auguste - USA
10. Marvin Ward - USA
11. Vaughn Ettienne - USA
12. Amit Sapir - Israel
13. Gaetano Cisternino - USA
14. James Llewellin - UK
15. Mboya Edwards - Canada
16. Fernando Noronha - Brazil
16. Pierre Chamoun - Sweden
16. Rixio Tapia - Venezuela
16. Sergio Pestana Ramos - Switzerland
16. Branden Ray - USA


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Articles and Reviews
WAYNE'S HARD NEWS - Retrospective 2018 Olympia Report
Pro Men: Shawn Rhoden becomes the 14th Mr Olympia winner as he stunningly took home the top prize in 2018. Phil Heath has held the title for the last 7 years, but on the big night this year, it was not to be his record-equaling victory # 8.
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