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Aussie Muscle of the '70's Volume 2
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Duration: 61 mins
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John Terilli preview clip.  

Aussie Muscle of the '70's Volume 2

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See more of the best known names on the Australian Bodybuilding scene from the Seventies. This is Aussie Muscle of the '70s Volume 2.
Presenting 9 outstanding Australian physique champions from the late 60s to the 70s in this historic and very rare feature. Shot on film, and digitally transferred to DVD with background music added.

Includes some gym workout, oiling, pumping, tensing and lots of posing, both on the beach and in the studio and some on stage. Where ever possible when big arms are on offer - we show lots of great closeups on these huge, flexing 20" arms.
Roger Walker and John Terilli both competed in the Mr. Olympia and others won Mr. Universe and National titles.
This DVD also includes the only known footage of GMV's own Wayne Gallasch, posing when he was Mr. South Australia way back in 1968.

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Starring in this order as seen in the DVD: 
John Terilli
Roger Walker
Sam Ioannidis
Eddie Turner
Paul Graham
Wayne Gallasch
Frank Colombera
George Seredynski
Billy Knight
Starting on the beach, John pumps his ripped biceps with the help of a partner then launches into some pushups for his triceps. More pumping and tensing, sweat and oil dripping as John pumps to the max before launching into his posing routine followed by closeups on his legs as he tenses and displays them for the camera. Next it is more upper body posing in closeup with emphasis on the arms. John, a Sydney gym owner, has had a great career both with the IFBB and NABBA. He won the NABBA Pro Mr Universe title in 1994.
RT: 8 mins

This segment commences in the studio with Roger hitting his signature most muscular pose before moving into his posing routine. Roger had a huge V-shape complimenting his 21" arms which he now pumps and poses in full-screen closeup framing that is mind blowing. This displays the great peak of the biceps and the separation and condition on display at this shoot, just before Roger won the Heavyweight Class in the 1976 IFBB Mr. Universe. This is an in-depth arm and back posing display followed by chest and shoulders in closeup tensing.
The scene then moves to outdoor posing in a park, with full body and closeup framing.
RT: 12 mins

Sam's illustrious career has extended from his beginnings as a Junior Champion to being a present day Masters Champion. In this film a very young Sammy starts out pumping with DBs in the studio. Next it is into the arm posing in closeup scenes with a shredded Sammy turning it on. Chest closeups and most muscular poses follow and then Sammy's complete posing routine, followed by leg tensing and posing plus more upper body posing.
The Sammy segment concludes with his posing on the contest stage on the next day. He is an outstanding poser in the classic style. He runs a well known gym in Melbourne, Victoria.
RT: 8.5 mins

A young and tanned Eddie Turner is out doors in a garden in Adelaide, South Australia where he starts out oiling and pumping for his film session with Wayne. Eddie had just won a state title and his outstanding abs and ripped condition were prominently displayed. Biceps and triceps are pumped with DBs, then its calf pumping and some upper body tensing and flexing.
Eddie then gets up on top of the posing wall for a relaxed pose before going back to the safety of the lawn to show us his winning contest routine in both full body and closeup posing.
The location changes to the nearby West Beach for some more arm tensing and posing with more great closeups before Eddie walks off into the surf. 
RT: 12.5 mins

Paul shows us his biceps workout, starting out pumping up in the gym with some heavy barbell curls, done both seated and standing. Paul is also in outstanding shape as he displays his mature and quite outstanding physique and huge 20" arms. Next we see concentration curls as Paul pumps his arms to the max. To finish the biceps work Paul does some bent over barbell concentration curls. This is followed by chins followed by some Scott preacher curls. This whole segment is crisp, well lit and very clear photography when you consider the technology of the day.
Finally Paul shows us his posing routine at a Frank Burwash contest in Melbourne which we believe was in 1974. The intensity of his posing display and great condition was greatly appreciated by the sellout audience.
Paul placed 2nd in the 1972 Mr. Australia and in the 1972 IFBB Southern Hemisphere Mr Universe. He was also the promoter of the 1980 Mr. Olympia contest won by Arnold. 
RT: 5.5 mins

GMV's own Wayne Gallasch handed over his Super 8 film camera to a training friend to record this rare posing sequence on an Adelaide beach in March of 1968, 6 months out from his victory at the South Australian State Bodybuilding Championships. Wayne took up the movie camera and still camera when he started GMV in 1966. This is the only film footage that exists from his bodybuilding and powerlifting competition days.
Posing on a rocky reef in the ocean at O'sullivan Beach, Wayne moves straight into his contest posing routine, displaying a great V-shape, good leg development and a very symmetrical overall physique. Kneeling poses are also included as Wayne's winning physique is displayed from all angles.  
RT: 2 mins

The scene shifts from the reef to the warm sands of the beach as Wayne, with his main training partner Warren Scanlon on the left, plus Joe and Mario Vozzo take turns to hit compulsory poses, side by side.
Next to pose solo at the reef is Mario Vozzo, followed by his brother Joe and finally Warren Scanlon does some upper body poses.
RT: 5 mins

Frank and George help each other pumpup in their room on the Gold Coast, on the day before Frank won the 1972 IFBB Southern Hemisphere Mr Universe. They were 2 of the top physiques in Australia in the early 70s.Frank, in superb condition, then shows us his contest posing routine, and then he is joined by George for a duo posing display. Now it's time for Frank to do his solo pumping and posing highlighting his arms and peaked biceps in closeup.
RT: 3 mins

Billy is a 3 time Mr. Australia winner noted for his shape, size and symmetry. See his contest history below. This segment starts with a ripped Billy posing in the studio, with emphasis on upper body posing, then extreme closeups on arms and abs. More flexing of peaked biceps rounds out this great DVD on the champions of Australian bodybuilding of the seventies. Camerawork in this segment, Paul Graham's and several other segments by Robert Nailon. All other camerawork by Wayne Gallasch.
RT: 4.5 mins

Total running time: 61 mins

Aussie Muscle of the '70s Volume 1 Aussie Muscle of the '70s Volume 1  

See some of the biggest stars of Australian Bodybuilding from the Seventies. Shot on film and transferred to DVD with background music added. Starring in order of appearance: Clyde Bird, Robert Nailon, Bill Robertson, John Koziura, Sonny Gloynes.

V-153DVD | $29.95

Classic Australian Contests of the '70s: With star guest posers. Classic Australian Contests of the '70s: With star guest posers.

At some of these National Championships you will see star guest posers such as ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER, FRANCO COLUMBU, SERGE NUBRET and ROGER WALKER. These superstar guests were at the peak of their careers. The top Aussie competitors include FRANK COLOMBERA, PAUL GRAHAM, GRAEME LANCEFIELD, IVAN DJIRLIC, CLYDE BIRD, JOHN KOZIURA, ROBERT NAILON, GEORGE SEREDYNSKI, ROBERT DEEGAN, PETER McCARTHY and SAMMY IOANNIDIS.

V-152DVD | $29.95


John Terilli Contest History

IFBB Best in Australia Contest, 1st
IFBB World Amateur Championships, Light-HeavyWeight, 6th

NABBA Mr Universe, Medium, 1st

IFBB Grand Prix Las Vegas, 2nd
IFBB Night of Champions, 5th

IFBB World Pro Championships, 8th

IFBB Night of Champions , 6th

IFBB Los Angeles Pro Championships, 6th
IFBB Mr Olympia, 9th
IFBB World Pro Championships, 5th

IFBB Niagara Falls Pro Invitational, 6th

IFBB Arnold Classic, 13th
IFBB Grand Prix France, 13th
IFBB Grand Prix France, 12th
IFBB Grand Prix Sweden, 11th

IFBB Australian Championships, Tall, 2nd

IFBB Iron Man Pro Invitational, 16th
IFBB Iron Man Pro Invitational, 13th

IFBB Iron Man Pro Invitational, 18th
NABBA Pro Universe, 2nd

NABBA Pro Universe, Winner


Roger Walker Contest History

NABBA Mr Britain, 3rd

Mr Australia, Winner

IFBB Universe, Tall, 4th

IFBB Asian Amateur Championships, Tall, 1st
IFBB Asian Amateur Championships, Overall Winner
Mr Australia, Overall Winner
IFBB Universe, Tall, 2nd

IFBB Universe, HeavyWeight, 1st

IFBB Mr Olympia, HeavyWeight, 4th

IFBB Mr Olympia, HeavyWeight, 5th

IFBB Mr Olympia, HeavyWeight, 3rd

IFBB Mr Olympia, 6th

IFBB Mr Olympia, 10th
IFBB Universe - Pro, 2nd
IFBB World Pro Championships, 2nd

IFBB Mr Olympia, 16th


Sammy Ioannidis Contest History

NABBA Mr Universe, Short, 1st

NABBA Mr Universe, Short, 2nd

NABBA Mr Universe, Short, 2nd
NABBA World Championships, Short, 3rd

IFBB Australian Championships, Junior, 1st
IFBB Niagara Falls Pro Invitational, 7th
IFBB Night of Champions, Did not place

IFBB Chicago Pro Invitational, 19th
IFBB Niagara Falls Pro Invitational, 12th
IFBB Night of Champions, Did not place

IFBB Chicago Pro Invitational, 14th
IFBB Niagara Falls Pro Invitational, 16th

NABBA Mr Universe, Masters 40+, Did not place

NABBA Mr Universe, Masters 50+, 2nd


Billy Knight Contest History

Mr Australia, Overall Winner

Mr Australia, Overall Winner
IFBB World Games, MiddleWeight, 2nd

Mr Australia, Overall Winner

NABBA Mr Universe, Short, 4th

NABBA Mr Universe, Short Class 3, Did not place

UBBA Mr Australia, Medium Class, Winner
NABBA Mr Universe, Medium, 7th

UBBA Mr. Australia, Short Class, 2nd


Frank Colombera Contest History (Partial)

NABBA Mr Universe, Short Class 3, 4th

NABBA Mr Universe, Short Class 3, 3rd

Mr Australia, Overall Winner
IFBB Southern Hemisphere Mr Universe, Winner



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