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Superset Me - Can you become a bodybuilder in 3 months?
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Duration: 70 mins
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Superset Me
Can you become a bodybuilder in 3 months?

Superset Me follows the journey of average Australian male, Daniel Widdowson, in his quest to become a bodybuilder... in three months! Daniel has the support and advice from industry giants such as Con Demetriou and Rosa-Maria Romero.

Be amazed by the internal, external, psychological, and social effects achievable in just 12 weeks. This film follows Daniel's 3 month journey, immersing himself in the lifestyle of a professional bodybuilder. With no previous experience, an average body, poor coordination and several health issues leaving him below average in some areas, this is a story of Widdowson fighting for physical redemption - in just 3 months!

The bodybuilding industry is packed full of controversy and myths. Daniel explores the internal, external, psychological and social effects of this all consuming sport. Both within Australia and on the international circuit. The documentary examines how bodybuilding effects everyday life such as health, family and work.

Contents -
See Rosa at a behind the scenes photo shoot in Las Vegas
See Con work out at his new local gym in New York
Hear the words of advice from NABBA president Graeme Lancefield
Some wise words from IFBB promoter Tony Doherty
See the brains behind the transformation - PT Shannon Brenton.
Plus an interview with 2 times Fitness Olympia winner Jen Hendershott. In it she shares a powerful story about overcoming a personal problem, both physically and emotionally, in order to become an Olympia champion. It is a truly  incredible moment in this outstanding film from Debut Productions.

The DVD features Daniel Widdowson, Con Demetriou, Jen Hendershott, Rosa-Maria Romero, Tony Doherty, Graeme Lancefield and Shannon Brenton.

Running time:
70 mins


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