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2011 NABBA Britain Finals: The Men’s Prejudging
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Duration: 290 mins
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2011 NABBA Britain Finals: The Men’s Prejudging

The 2011 NABBA Britain Finals was held in Southport, England on the 28th of May. There were 9 Men’s Classes this year including the new FIRST TIMERS class. The classes were as follows:

This massive 3 DVD set presents the complete prejudging with all of the posing routines of every competitor, and comparisons from Round 3. It was a great contest featuring over 150 athletes, with the best standard seen for years throughout all classes.

See 290 minutes of outstanding MEN'S PREJUDGING contest action.

See the MEN'S PREJUDGING PHOTO GALLERY here, with pix by Alex Mac of The Beef Magazine.

2011 NABBA BRITAIN FINALS - Men's Class Winners:

MASTERS OVER 40: Shaun Watson
MASTERS OVER 50: Oscar Roberts
JUNIORS: Dave Young
FIRST TIMERS: Jeff Bentham
NOVICE CLASS: Lee Blackburn
MR. CLASS 4: Nicholas Vandal
MR. CLASS 3: Steve Alder
MR. CLASS 2: Dave Hancock
MR. CLASS 1: Mark Getty

DISC 1 = 127 mins
DISC 2 = 107 mins
DISC 3 = 56 mins

Total Running Time: 290 mins

2011 NABBA Britain Finals: Men - The Show 2011 NABBA Britain Finals: Men - The Show  

The evening Show DVD presents an in-depth look at the best British physiques from all areas of the UK. You will see the posing routines of all top 6 competitors in each of the 9 classes, plus awards, and the judging and posedown for Overall NABBA Mr Britain for 2011. It was a great contest featuring over 150 athletes, with the best standard seen for years throughout all classes.

2011 NABBA Miss Britain Finals: Prejudging & Show 2011 NABBA Miss Britain Finals: Prejudging & Show  

There were 3 FIGURE CLASSES being TONED FIGURE and TRAINED FIGURE CLASSES 1 and 2. This DVD presents the complete prejudging and show with all the posing routines and all the comparisons through to the final awards and Overall Trained Figure posedown and award to Linda Gartside.

See A-1403DVD

2011 NABBA Britain Results
Southport, England   28th May, 2011

2011 Overall Mr. Britain: Dave Hancock


First Timers

1. Jeff Bentham
2. Lee Boddy
3. Grzegorz Grabowski
4. Stuart Bateson
5. Neil Anderson
6. Jackson Quirke
Ben Wileman
Michael Copeland
John Leary
Nathaniel Rose
Gareth Davies
Rick Hall
Ben Platt
Adrian McGovern
Michael Stocks
Gary Arnould
Paul Hartley
John Lemon
Petr Pavelec
Ali Fard
Robert Allen
Micky Withington
Masters Over 40

1. Shaun Watson
2. Paul Megwa
3. Shaun Smith
4. Steve Johnson
5. Carl Stevens
6. Steve Avery
Paul Roue
Keith Delazzari
Mick Hanson
Dave Taylor
Keith Williams
Stevie Thomson
Paul Hannis
Stephen Bingham
David Cox
John Topliff
Vern Goodlad
Masters over 50

1. Oscar Roberts
2. Graham Park
3. Martin Holroyd
4. Gary Noakes
5. Herbie Chiang
6. Kevin Welch
David Willis
Kevin Wilson
Cliff Eaton
David Steca
Eric Hartley
Okon Gulutu
Tom Johnstone
John Roberts
Michael Green
Stuart Simpson
Sam Metcalfe
Howard Thomas 


1. Dave Young
2. Stephen Jones
3. Adam Edge
4. Josh Law
5. Tom Imlah
6. Ryan Millar
Callum Cordwell
Adam Lowe
Malcolm Tinsley
Amine Abouakkour
Kurt Davies
Jack Brooker
Jake McCall
Phabian Burton

Men's Novice Class

1. Lee Blackburn
2. Chris Knopp
3. Paul John Ayres
4. Andy Davies
5. Reece Allsopp
6. Paul McAndrew
Christopher Nolan
Michael Johnston
Marc Kane
Lee Casey
Paul McElhinney
Deme Flourou
Jessee Marks
Aiden Jackson
Alex Middleton
Matthew Devine 

Mr Class 4

1. Nicholas Vandal
2. Garry Hutton
3. Paul Stewart
4. Stephen Wright
5. Adrian Birchall
6. Damien McBride
Steve Davies
Matthew Seddon
William Donachie
Vinty Johnston 

Mr Class 3 
1. Steve Alder
2. Robert Clapham
3. Jo Walker
4. Carl Robinson
5. Shaun Danby
6. Bruce McCall
Michael Gallaghner
Alex Jackson
Paul Power
Grant Coutts
Lee Henderson
Jonathan Chessum
Martin Crossley
Antony Seabourne
Chris Murray
Phil Vaines
Jason Elisham 

Mr Class 2

1. Dave Hancock
2. Kai Lyons
3. Max O'Connor
4. Andrew Pinnock
5. Wayne Lockett
6. Robert Suckley
Paul Bennellick
Mark Loundes
Ray McDaid
Lee Greaves
Michael Croot
Daniel Ricketts
Dean Jones
Peter Nurse
Neil Rushton
Paul Taylor
Nev Lockin 

Mr Class 1

1. Mark Getty
2. Stuart Garrington
3. Lee Harding
4. Dan Welburn
5. Tony Ellett
6. Martin Fannan
Ian Robertson
Philip Spooner
Ariel Niesporek
Paul Kisel
Simon Drake
David Baker
Dave Ackers 


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