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OHF Hall of Fame DVD # 1: Steve Reeves & Reg Park
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Duration: 127 mins
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OHF Hall of Fame DVD # 1: Steve Reeves & Reg Park




16 of the 17 Hall of Fame Award Dinners have been filmed and are now being made available on 14 separate DVDs - presenting 141 honorees, and over 2,000 guests. These include many famous National, International and World Champion sports personalities. (Only the first ever Hall of Fame Awards Dinner was not recorded on video.)

The Awards footage also features interviews with many well-known personalities. Enjoy the wonderful speeches, the laughter and tears, and the emotional presentations of the various awards.

Since 1998, the DVDs have been narrated throughout. This includes who's who in the audience, hand balancing acts, agility, and the amazing strength attempts by various guests. See attempts made at lifting awesome items including the unique Super Nova 186 lbs kettlebell, the 226 lbs Millennium dumbell and the world famous 172 lbs Thomas Inch dumbbell, and its replica, breaking 6 inch nails, rolling up frying pans, and much more - Wow!

For those who do not already know, Oscar Heidenstam ran NABBA for around 50 years, until his death on 21st March, 1991. He was born in Cyprus on 27 February 1911.
The OH Memorial Trust was inaugurated by Malcolm Whyatt in March, 1991, in memory of Oscar and to honour the great bodybuilders past and present. In October 1994 the name of The Oscar Heidenstam Memorial Trust was changed to The Oscar Heidenstam Foundation. That is the name we will use throughout the description of this wonderful and historic DVD series.

DVD #1  IS A COMBINED DVD of the 1993 & 1994 HALL of FAME DINNERS.

1993 REG PARK 2nd Annual OHF Dinner & Hall of Fame Awards.
This DVD encapsulates all of the action at these 2 Awards Dinners, including speeches by both of these legendary bodybuilders.

Over 200 guests attended to honour REG PARK, and included: Jon Jon Park, Johnny Isaacs, Spencer Churchill, John Grimek, Reub Martin, Ted Aston, Filippo Massaroni and many champions of Italy.

Hall of Fame speeches in respect of Reg Park by Ivan Dunbar, Chairman of NABBA, followed by Jon Jon Park and Mr Ian MacQueen, OHF President.
Speech by REG PARK, the 1993 OHF Hall of Fame guest of honour.

Special Recognition Award: Bill & Irene Norris
Gymnastics Award: Philip Mason
Award for Services to the OHF: David Parkin & John Fearnley
Ballet Award: Audrey Henderson-Marshall

*Special Note: For all fans of Reg Park, there is a major celebratory tribute to the life of "Reg Park - The Legend" and greatest ever bodybuilder of Great Britain, in the 17th and Final Annual Memorial Dinner - DVD #14

1994 STEVE REEVES 3rd Annual OHF Dinner & Hall of Fame Awards.
A large number of guests, making it a sell-out crowd, attended the 1994 awards to honour STEVE REEVES.

Hall of Fame speech in respect of Steve Reeves by Malcolm Whyatt. The speech in respect of Bert Loveday was made by Dr. Tom Temperley, OBE, OHF Vice President. 
The event Compere was Colin Norris.
Speech by STEVE REEVES, the 1994 OHF Hall of Fame guest of honour.

Special Recognition Award: Bert Loveday
Gymnastics Award: Zena Flatten
Services to the OHF: Dr Ken Leo Rosa - U.S.A.
A Surprise award: Malcolm Whyatt from Leo Rosa
A Special Services to the OHF award was also given to Ivan Dunbar, Chairman of NABBA. As Ivan was away overseas, the presentation was made to him in the October at the 1994 NABBA Universe.

The DVD contains ALL of the presentations, highlights of the Grand Draw and Silent Auctions, views of the OHF memorabilia, and scenes of the enjoyable socialising in 1993 and 1994.

The profits from the sale of this DVD will be donated to the Oscar Heidenstam Foundation.

This is DVD #1 of a series of 14 OHF DVDs. These DVDs, taped near London, are pure Iron Game nostalgia.

Running time: 127 mins

See the 60 Year History of the NABBA Universe as narrated by Ivan Dunbar, shortly before his death.

60 Year History of the NABBA Universe  1950 - 2010  2 DVD Set 60 Year History of the NABBA Universe 1950 - 2010 2 DVD Set  

Commencing in 1950, NABBA's first Mr Universe contest was won by Steve Reeves who defeated Reg Park. Some of the other great legends of the sport besides Reeves who won the Mr Universe title include Reg Park, Bill Pearl and Arnold Schwarzenegger (four-times winner). The 1948 Universe was sponsored by Health & Strength magazine and it was staged by its Health Strength League. It was won by John Grimek who defeated Steve Reeves. This fantastic trip down memory lane is narrated by IVAN DUNBAR who is the only person to have attended every single Universe contest from 1948 to 2008. A classic DVD of Legends!


This DVD is a very special record of the 50th Anniversary NABBA Universe Dinner and Posing Highlights. It consists of half an hour's posing highlights of the major Mr. Universe winners from Arnold in 1970 right up to 1997 inclusive. Regretfully we couldn't include all the winners in this 30 minute segment. However it does also include short posing segments by 4 of the all time greats prior to 1970 - Grimek, Reeves, Park and Pearl. The second part of the DVD running for 60 minutes contains the highlights of the 50th Anniversary NABBA Universe Dinner and contains the complete speeches of STEVE REEVES, REG PARK, BILL PEARL and MICKEY HARGITAY, plus scenes of many other famous people in the audience.

Classic Collection # 1 Classic Collection # 1  

Our first release on DVD from the Golden Era of Bodybuilding and Weight Lifting. It's THE CLASSIC COLLECTION # 1 DVD. This will read like a who’s who of the iron game as the names go on and on. See the product page for a brief run down on the champions we identified in the approximate order in which they appear.

Includes the best known posing footage of STEVE REEVES and so much more.

GMV-019DVD | $34.95

OHF Hall of Fame DVD # 2: Bill Pearl OHF Hall of Fame DVD # 2: Bill Pearl  

Featuring Bill Pearl with special guests John and Angela Grimek, Leo Stern, Joe Abbenda, Beryl Martin (who accepted a posthumous award on behalf of Reub), Bob Woolger, Hymie Binder and many other international guests and honorees - including John & Angela Grimek !

A-4182DVD | $29.95


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