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2013 NABBA Universe: Men - The Show 2 DVD Set (Dual price)
Code: A-1440DVD
Duration: 124 mins
Price: $39.95
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2013 NABBA Universe: The Men - The Show 
2 DVD Set
(Dual Price US$39.95 or A$49.95)

Held in Southport, England on October 12th, the 2013 NABBA Universe celebrated another fantastic contest with former IFBB star Lee Priest competing. 

The 2013 NABBA Universe series of 3 DVDs are now in stock. The DVD's are the same as before, with the men's prejudging being a 3 disc set, the men's show is a 2 disc set and the women's prejudging and show is a 2 disc set. This makes it very easy to navigate directly to the contest section you want to view.
The total time for all of the above is approximately 8 and a half hours, which also includes some back stage footage and interviews.

The Men - The Show DVD provides an in-depth look at many of the best amateur competitors in the world with lots of footage of the amazing LEE PRIEST.
You will see the posing routines of all top 6 competitors in all classes. It was a HUGE BONUS for NABBA having former top IFBB Pro Lee Priest competing. He looked absolutely sensational. He was the first Aussie man to win the Overall Amateur Universe since GRANT CLEMESHA won it back in 1995.

The DVD includes the exciting posedown for the OVERALL Amateur Mr. Universe, won by the massive and ripped LEE PRIEST, plus all awards including OHF Best Presentation Award to Kim Jun Ho from the Rep. of Korea. Kim actually pushed Lee all of the way in their class 4.


This DVD is a DNS Production.

Total Running Time: 124 mins

2013 NABBA Universe: Men's Prejudging: 3 DVD Set 2013 NABBA Universe: Men's Prejudging: 3 DVD Set  

The Men's Prejudging DVD provides an excellent look at many of the best amateur competitors in the world today. You will see the COMPLETE PREJUDGING with posing routines of all competitors in all classes plus all comparisons.

It was a big year for Australia with LEE PRIEST taking out the OVERALL MR. UNIVERSE title.


2013 NABBA Universe: The Women - Prejudging & Show 2 DVD Set (Dual price) 2013 NABBA Universe: The Women - Prejudging & Show 2 DVD Set  

The Women's 2 DVD Set provides an in-depth look at some of the best amateur female competitors in the world. It brings you the complete NABBA Universe Prejudging & Show for women. See the third year of the popular new Toned Figure Class. Enjoy the complete posing routines of all competitors at the PREJUDGING, line-ups of Round 1 and every single comparison from Round 3 for all 3 classes - TRAINED FIGURE CLASSES 1 & 2 and MISS TONED FIGURE. At the evening SHOW, you will see the posing routines of all top 6 competitors, plus the OVERALL FIGURE CLASS POSEDOWN won by FLORA CONTE of Italy.

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2013 NABBA Universe Results 

Southport, England, UK  12th October, 2013

Overall Mr Universe: Lee Priest - Australia
Overall Miss Universe: Flora Conte - Italy

OHF & NABBA 'Best Presentation' Awards:
Men: Kim Jun Ho - Rep. of Korea
Women: Kelsey Young - UK


Masters Over 40
1. Paul Sutton - UK
2. Mark Anderson - NZ
3. Mark Hammer - Austria
4. Maurice Felstead - UK
5. Mauricio Boccoli - Italy
6. Justin Trollope - UK
Jim Bensin - Rep. of Ireland
Ezekiel Gayle - UK
Mark Hanson - UK
Celso De Jesus - Brazil
Richard Louis - U.S.A./Trinidad
Robert McRobbie - UK (Scotland)
Marion Ceglio Neto - Brazil
Jim Pettigrew - UK (Scotland)
Payet Pierre - France  
Carl Ruston - UK
Mario Venter - South Africa

Masters Over 50
1. Joao Bispo De Andrade - Brazil
2. Paul Rowe - UK
3. Paolo Tamarri - Italy
4. Tony Hanson - UK
5. Martin Holroyd - UK
6. Andy Lawley - UK
Ricardo Magalhaes Albertino - Brazil
Michael Gregoriou - Australia   
Niranjan Kumar - India
Vasilis Zahilis - Greece

Juniors (Under 21 Years)
1. Kagan Orton - NZ
2. Glen Ferguson - UK
3. Drew Walker - UK
4. Vitor Lima - Brazil
5. Ross Kerr UK - UK
6. Maxim Bhiankin - Russia
Jack Bennett - UK
Edgar Matsinho - UK
Dominik Vilagi - Rep. of Ireland
Glenn Williams - UK

Mr Class 4
(Up to and including 5ft 5ins   1.65m)
1. Lee Priest - Australia (pictured right, all photos Alex Mac)
2. Kim Jun Ho - Rep. of Korea
3. Ali Asghar Mofarrahi - Iran
4. David Dahan - France
5. Olzirio Anibal Jr - Brazil
6. Stuart Smith - UK
Jose Luis Camilo - Brazil
Kenneth John Carter - UK
William Donachie - UK (Scotland)
Craig Don - UK
Uwe Horter - Germany    
Damien McBride - UK   
James Salmond - UK (Scotland)
Mathew Seddon - UK  
Kevin Taylor - UK

Mr Class 3
(Over 5ft 5ins  (1.65m) up to and including 5ft 7¾ins (1.72m)
1. Rodrigo Atis - Brazil
2. Aleksei Shaikin - Russia
3. Fabrice Radkowski - France
4. Barney du Plessis - UK
5. Keivan Gomanian - Sweden
6. James Fleming - UK
Jason Bednarz - Australia
Rob Clapham - UK
Fabrice Moreau - France  
Ayal Hasson - Israel 
Dean Hoban - Rep. of Ireland
Francisco  Pereira - UK   
Jordan Peters - UK 
Eddie Selsby - UK

Mr Class 2
(Over 5ft 7¾ins  (1.72m) up to and including 5ft 10½ins  (1.79m)
1. Slavoj Bednar - Czech Rep.
2. Martin Kasal - Czech Rep.
3. Breno Matos - Brazil
4. Sergii Dukhota - Ukraine
5. Gonzalo Lopez - Argentina
6. David Pascual - Spain
Kishor Dynaneshwar Dange - India
Jamie Driver - Australia
Chrisopher Ducos - France
Mantas Erminas - UK
Sanghun Kim - Rep. of Korea
Gerald Lopez - France
John Martini - N.Ireland/UK
Andrew Pinnock - UK
Darren Smith - UK
Martin - Williams - UK

Mr Class 1
(Over 5ft 10½ins  1.79m)
1. Stuart Garrington - UK
2. Jonathan Gowing - UK
3. Thomas Burianek - Austria
4. Mark Getty - UK
5. Lee Harding - UK
6. Bernardo Cesarino - Brazil
Rick Brennan - Australia
Famous Isiesi - Rep. of Ireland
Lee Irvin - UK
Tom De Groof - Belgium
Lubomir Krut - Slovakia
Sang Jun Lee - Rep. of Korea
Daniel Mayer - Austria 
Mark McAlpine - South Africa
Martin Stevenson - UK

(Each Men's Open Class winner received a NABBA Pro Card, and in 2014 there will be a Pro Class at the NABBA Worlds in Belfast, NI in June. Maybe the NABBA Pro Universe will also come back one day.)

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