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2019 Arnold Classic Pro Men on Blu-ray
Code: GMV-1028BRDVD
Duration: 274 mins
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2019 Arnold Classic - on Blu-ray
Pro Men, Classic & Men's Physique, Pro Wheelchair

Celebrating 31 Years of the Arnold Classic.

The 2019 Arnold Classic and Arnold Sports Festival are Presented by Classic Productions. Celebrating the 31st Anniversary of the IFBB Pro League Arnold Classic and the 13th Arnold Amateur NPC Championships. February 28 - March 3, 2019 Columbus, Ohio.
Held at the Greater Columbus Convention Center and the Battelle Grand Ballroom. The Presenting Sponsor was Midway Labs USA.

This year saw the greatest variety of bodybuilding, strength, fitness and sports competitions anywhere in the world. Hosting more than 22,000 athletes competing in 80 sports and events, the Arnold Sports Festival is the world's largest multi-sport festival.

Congratulations to the new Arnold Classic champion BRANDON CURRY. The other big winners were CLASSIC PHYSIQUE George Peterson, MEN’S PHYSIQUE Andre Ferguson and PRO MEN’S WHEELCHAIR Harold Kelley. All winners were representing USA.

The Strongman Winner from Iceland, Hafthor Bjornsson of Game of Thrones fame, emphatically took out his 2nd Arnold Classic Strongman title. (See the DVD of the complete Arnold Strongman Classic, GMV-1031DVD.)

The 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award recipients were Drs. Terry and Jan Todd, accepted by Dr Jan Todd.


This massive DVD presents all of the Arnold Classic Pro Men's contests from the Prejudging rounds through to the Finals.
Presentation by Arnold of the Lifetime Achievement Award to Dr Jan Todd on behalf of Drs. Terry & Jan Todd.
Introduction of the Arnold Model Search contestants and the Overall Arnold Amateur Champions.
Plus many extras celebrating the 31st Annual Arnold Classic.

Arnold Strongman Past Winners Introduction
Final Strongman final round highlights & awards
Jim Lorimer Interview
Pro Pump Room
Interview with Arnold backstage
Interviews with Josh Lenartowicz & Clint Richards
Tony Nowak Original Jackets interview & Expo scenes
Arnold Sunday Showcase - highlights

RUNNING TIME: 274 mins


This DVD is also available on regular DVD, GMV-1027DVD, as well as on Blu-ray.
2019 Arnold Classic - Pro Men, Classic & Men's Physique, Pro Wheelchair 2019 Arnold Classic - Pro Men, Classic & Men's Physique, Pro Wheelchair.  

Congratulations to the new Arnold Classic champion BRANDON CURRY. The other big winners were CLASSIC PHYSIQUE George Peterson, MEN’S PHYSIQUE Andre Ferguson and PRO MEN’S WHEELCHAIR Harold Kelley.

All winners were representing USA. With a massive list of EXTRA SCENES.


DVD Photos: Jason Breeze

2019 Arnold Classic Pro Men’s Results:

1. Brandon Curry USA
2. William Bonac Netherlands
3. Luke Sandoe United Kingdom
4. Cedric McMillan USA
5. Roelly Winklaar Netherlands
6. Steve Kuclo USA
7. Rafael Brandao Brazil
8. Joshua Lenartowicz Australia
9. Akim Williams USA
10. Victor Martinez USA
11. Charles Dixon USA
12. Mikhail Volinkin Uzbekistan
Most Muscular Award: William Bonac
Ed Corney Best Poser Award: Joshua Lenartowicz

1. Andre Ferguson USA
2. Raymont Edmonds USA
3. Kyron Holden USA
4. Logan Franklin USA
5. George Brown USA
6. Sadik Hadzovic USA
7. Stan Morrison USA
8. Lindon Bond USA
9. Kimani Victor Canada
10. Rodrigue Chesnier USA
11. Quincey Whittington USA
12. Michael Bevins USA
13. Anthony Gilkes USA
14. Ramses Rams Spain
15. Viet Doan Australia
16. Kevin Nguyen USA
16. Antonio Mitchell USA
16. Ricardo Paul England
16. Devon Lindner USA
16. Mark Sindayen USA
16. Clinton Barbadillo USA
16. Antonio Roseboro USA
16. Ashwin Lucas USA
16. Tave Jackson USA
16. Bader Almualim USA
16. Michael Lee USA
16. Steven Cao USA
16. Justin Woodard USA
16. Youcef Djoudi France
16. Diogo Montenegro Brazil
16. Scott Schulze USA
16. Greg Brant  USA

1. George Peterson USA
2. Steve Laureus USA
3. Courage Opara USA
4. Keone Pearson USA
5. Khaled Chikhaoui Canada
6. Ricky Moten USA
7. Jason Lowe USA
8. Ro’Vonte Moody USA
9. Fabio Lopes Portugal
10. Wesley Vissers Netherlands
11. Ali Emre Turkey
12. Dion Harris USA
13. Elijah Loreno USA
14. Lehjuan Jones USA
15. David Martinez Campos Spain
16. Panexce Pierre USA
16. Charles Curtis USA

1. Harold Kelley USA
2. Kris Dim USA
3. Anand Arnold India
4. Joshua Rucker USA
5. Tyler Brey USA
6. Joshua Foster USA
Best Poser Award: Anand Arnold

1. Hafthor Bjornsson – Iceland, 45 points
2. Martins Licis – USA 40.5 points
3. Mateusz Kieliszkowski – Poland 31.5 points
4. Mikhail Shivlyakov – Russia 30.5 points
5. Matjaz Belsak – Slovenia 28 points
6. Rauno Heinla – Estonia 27 points
7. Oleksii Novikov – Ukraine 25 points
8. Brian Shaw – USA 21 points
9. Jerry Pritchett – USA 14.5 points
10. Jean-Francois Caron – Canada 1 point

The 2019 IFBB Arnold Classic & Arnold Sports Festival are Presented by Classic Productions.

This Event is Officially Sanctioned by the IFBB Professional League.
Jim Manion

Event Promoters
Jim Lorimer
Bob Lorimer
Classic Productions
Meet Director
Arnold Schwarzenegger

Amateur Contest Producers
Bob Lorimer
Mike Davies

Event Chair
Bob Lorimer

Expo & Events Coordinator
Paul Nagle

Expo & Events Director
Kathy Nagle

Director of Communications
Brent LaLonde

Strongman Contest
Dr. Jan Todd

Public Relations
Lorz Communications
Matt Lorz

Masters of Ceremony
Tony Doherty
Clint Richards
Amanda Latona

Strongman MCs
Mark Henry
Matt Iseman

Head Judge
Steve Weinberger

Photography for Pro DVDs
Jason Breeze

Video footage
Columbus, Ohio

The NPC Arnold Amateur

Masters of Ceremony
Shawn Ray
Amanda Latona

Head Judges
Gary Udit
Sandy Williamson

On Stage Expeditors
Rick Bayardi
Andy Bartolovich

Back Stage Expeditors
Cory Elzey
Evette Cano

Photographer for Amateurs
Carl Wade

GMV would like to thank:
Bob Lorimer
Brent LaLonde
Matt Lorz
Shawn Loevenguth
Live! Technologies
Alyssa Messner
NPC News Online
Jason Breeze
Wayne Gallasch for extra video content
Richard Baldwin for interviews.

2019 Live! Technologies Crew List.
Arnold Sports Festival, USA

Event Producer
Shawn Loevenguth
Assistant Event Producer
Alyssa Messner
Stage Managers
Beth Siracuse
Autumn Cleveland
Samantha Barnes
FOH Audio Engineer
Steve Jones
Audio Engineer
Kevin Brown
FOH Lighting Technician
Michael Hesmond
Lighting Technician
Jordan Auge
Video Director
Ian Martin

Video Technician
Julian Dorsett
Tape Operator
Travis Haag
Camera Operators
Jim Miller
Eric Obert
Randy Silcott
Head Carpenter
Dave Steinmetz
Rick Scholz
Shawn Scholz

Set Design
Jocelyn McDaniel
Expo Stage:
Site Supervisor
Doug Maynard
Audio Technician
Gus Caulk
Lighting Technician
Matt Reid
Video Director
Casey Payne

Tape Operator
Schehera McKissack
Camera Operators
Art Hearl
Steve Mitchell

General Technician
Oscar Smith
Seth Powell
ENG Team
Jerman Abney
Grant Lawhorn
Tyler Chapman
Catherine Quamme
Lincoln Meikle
Travis Fishburn
Jarred Lawson
Joshua Chandler
Jamie Comisford

GMV Editing
Wayne Gallasch
Ollie Parke

Authoring & Cover Design
Ollie Parke

DVD & Blu-Ray Produced by



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