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Gustavo "The Great" Badell - Puerto Rico's Man of Iron
Code: GMV-605DVD
Duration: 75 mins
Price: $29.95
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Gustavo "The Great" Badell - Puerto Rico's Man of Iron

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Showcasing the remarkable journey from near obscurity at the 2002 Olympia to IRON MAN Champion of 2005.

One of the fastest rising new Pros is GUSTAVO BADELL from Puerto Rico.
At the 2004 Mr Olympia he placed 3rd and then several months later he celebrated his first Pro victory, winning the 2005 Iron Man Pro.
He truly is a “Man of Iron” with his hardcore physique.

This DVD profiles his career to date from the first time we taped him in 1999 at the English G.P. Further contest highlights & pump room footage
are included from 2001 through to 2005.  Plus weigh in and interview.

A very special highlight is Gustavo’s pumping and posing poolside in Las Vegas on the day after the 2004 Mr Olympia.

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He is Huge and ShreddedSimply Unbelievable!      

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                                                                                                                                                                 * Pictures taken from actual DVD

Customer M. Hambour says :  "As always, these DVD's give me even more motivation
to go to the gym...Gustavo was awesome! Massive, ripped and full with paper thin
skin!...I loved the bit from the weigh-in at the start.
Gustavo - Holy Jeez!"


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