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2004 WFF Universe: The Women DVD # 2
Code: GMV-583DVD
Duration: 83 mins
Price: $39.95
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2004 WFF Universe - Women's DVD #2
Women's Performance, Women's Athletic, Women's Superbody
Plus Pairs Athletic

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Includes all Women's Performance Classes (20-25, 25-30, 30-35, and Over 35); and all
Women's Athletic Classes (30-35, and Over 35); and all
Women's Superbody Classes (30-35 and )ver 35).

Held in Wiesloch, Germany, on June 19, 2004, this premier WFF event drew a superb entry of 200 plus athletes from around the world.

In this DVD you see all 3 rounds from symmetry to individual posing routines to Round 3 comparisons.  Then the various class awards and exciting overall awards where relevant.  Click here for a complete list of results in our RESULTS SECTION.

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Women’s Junior Aerobic
1 Jolanta Mileriute
Women’s Aerobic Fitness
1 Daniela Thon
2 Cathryn McCart
3 Aleksandra Ciukina
Women’s Aerobic Performance
1 Andy Black
2 Melissa Will
Women’s Aerobic Athletic
1 Zelda Latimer
2 Mona Costi
Women’s Aerobic Super Body
1 Diana Paula Monteiro
2 Valeria Aprobato
Women’s Fitness Under 20
1 Jekaterina Turova
Women’s Fitness 20-25
1 Andrea Kara
Women’s Fitness 25-30
1 Sabine Reetz
2 Saskia Valk
Women’s Fitness 30-35
1 Melanie Helfrich (Overall Champion: Women’s Fitness Division)
2 Afroditi Kokkinou
3 Joelma Pedroza Amon
4 Heike Hoffmann

Women’s Fitness Over 35

1 Jolanda Beuving
2 Annick Estenoza
3 Robyn Feldges
4 Marilyn Patterson
5 Jutta Siegmann
6 Dianne Shaw
Women’s Performance 20-25
1 Susann May
Women’s Performance 25-30
1 Nicole Kratochwil (Overall champion: Women’s Performance Division)
2 Christina Gogou
Women’s Performance 30-35
1 Doris Berauer
2 Christina Menini
3 Jana Maier
Women’s Performance Over 35
1 Ilka Schwengl
2 Corinna Walther
3 Noelle Bossy
4 Pascale Bernabe
5 Dorota Michalewska-Kilstrom
6 Lian Scorsolini Okubo
7 Lorraine March
Women’s Athletic 30-35
1 Heike Mette
2 Heike Vogt
Women’s Athletic Over 35
1 Tatjana Sharnenkova (Overall Champion: Women’s Athletic Division)
2 Yvonne Lenzner
Women’s Super Body 30-35
1 Svetlana Pugacheva (Overall Champion: Women’s Super Body Division) PICTURED ABOVE LEFT
Women’s Super Body Over 35
1 Silke Ruh
2 Veronique Ducos
Pairs – Fitness

1 Jolanda Beuving & Yorick Bakker
2 Doris Berauer & Alexander Schroll
3 Jutta Siegmann & Martin Hesse
4 Jekatarina Turova & Dimitrijs Romanovs
Pairs - Athletic
1 Svetlana Pugacheva & Andrei Popov
2 Heike Mette & Martin Schulz
3 Corinna Walther & Andreas Trienbacher
4 Veronique Ducos & Gilbert Beautier
5 Noelle Bossy & Lauren Panchaud
6 Pascale Bernabe & Christophe Muletier
7 Yvonne Lenzner & Christof Leiss
8 Christina Menini & Andrea Romboni



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