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2003 Ms. Olympia - 2 DVD set Women's Events
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Duration: 180 mins
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2003 Ms. Olympia - Women's Events - 2 DVD Set

See all three women's contests from the 2003 Olympia: Ms. Olympia, Fitness Olympia and Figure Olympia.  This set is a special double DVD set which  includes extensive bonus photo galleries of 154 awesome images.  180 mins of fantastic female action.  (Both DVDs are also available individually, see below.)

Contains all routines through to final results and presentations. Each disc is approximately 90 minutes. See complete results for all 3 events below on this page.

Set TRT: 180 mins over 2 DVDs.

DISC 1 - Ms Olympia and Figure Olympia
THIS IS A SPECIAL COMBINATION DVD!  Lenda Murray reigns supreme as Ms. Olympia defeating some of the world's most muscular women.  It also contains a premiere contest -  the first ever FITNESS OLYMPIA event, won by the sensational Davana Medina. Davana becomes the first Figure Olympia champion, defeating former Fitness Olympia winner Monica Brant.

For full details on our DVD of the 2003 Ms Olympia Women's Pump Room, please click here for GMV-555DVD.
For full details on our DVD of the 2003 Complete Prejudging of the Ms Olympia, please click here for GMV-557DVD.

For more details if you only want the 2003 MS. OLYMPIA/FIGURE OLYMPIA DVD, please click here for A-1074DVD.
For more details if you only want the 2003 FITNESS OLYMPIA DVD, please click here for A-1075DVD.

2003 Ms OLYMPIA Results


1 Juliette Bergmann - Netherlands
2 Dayana Cadeau - Canada
3 Denise Masino - USA
4 Cathy Priest - Canada
5 Angela Debatin - Brazil
6 Fanny Barrios - Venezuela
7 Kim Harris - USA
8 Rosemary Jennings - USA


1 Lenda Murray  (Overall winner) - USA
2 Iris Kyle - USA
3 Yaxeni Oriquen - Venezuela
4 Betty Viana - Venezuela
5 Helle Nielsen - Denmark
6 Betty Pariso - USA
7 Vickie Gates - USA


1 Davana Medina - USA
2 Monica Brant - USA
3 Jenny Lynn - USA
4 Mari Kudla - USA
5 Dina Al-Sabah - Kuwait
6 Jaime Franklin - USA
7 D. J. Wallis - USA
8 Aleksandra Kobielak - Poland
9 Sharon Kouvaris - USA
10 Hannah Park - USA
11 Elaine Goodlad - Canada
12 Theil Bradford - USA   

DISC 2 - Fitness Olympia

"Four Times for the Charmer" - Susie Curry wins yet again!  See the elegance and athleticism of the Fitness Olympia competition in all its glory.  Round One comparisons, the intense Round Two 45-second routines, the beautifully presented Round Three 2-minute routines, and the elegant and glamorous Round Four comparisons.  The unlucky Kelly Ryan was to be denied victory yet again.

All fitness routines are shown plus awards.

For a complete set of results, see below.

For full details on our DVD of the 2003 Fitness & Figure Olympia Women's Pump Room including the top 2003 Fitness & Figure Olympia women, please click here for GMV-556DVD.
For full details on our DVD of the 2003 Complete Prejudging of the Fitness & Figure Olympia, please click here for GMV-558DVD.

For more details if you only want the 2003 FITNESS OLYMPIA DVD, please click here for A-1075DVD.


1 Susie Curry - USA
2 Kelly Ryan - USA
3 Adela Friedmansky - USA
4 Tracey Greenwood - USA
5 Jen Hendershott - USA
6 Anna Level - USA
7 Klaudia Kinska - Slovakia  
8 Stacy Hylton - USA  
9 Julie Palmer - USA  
10 Jenny Worth - USA  
11 Kim Klein - USA  
12 Stacy Simons - USA 
13 Shannon Meteraud - USA  
14 Kim Odiatu - Canada

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