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1986 NABBA Universe Women - The Show - Figure and Physique Classes
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Duration: 60 mins
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1986 NABBA Universe Women - The Show - Figure and Physique Classes

At the 38th NABBA Universe Contest, staged in London, the best women bodybuilders from around the world competed for top honours. Each year the women get more massive and symmetrical, and this year the best were mind blowing! This was the first year the new Figure Class had been introduced.

The lady who steals the show in the Physique Section is the awe-inspiring champion from Germany, Monika Steiner. Monika performs a dynamic routine which shows her muscular physique and huge legs to excellent advantage. She edged out Aussie champion Irene Nickole. Irene made a comeback in 2008 and competed in the 2008 NABBA Universe Figure Class.

Controversial Australian, Joy Dobson, caused a minor sensation with her huge shoulders, and her sock-it-to-‘em routine had the crowd in a frenzy. Heidi Thomas was the first ever Figure Class Miss Universe in narrowly beating Universe superstar Mary Scott. This is a classic women's DVD from the world's oldest competition for men and women. This high quality version was shot and recorded by GMV.

We also have a different women's version which is the COMPLETE WOMEN'S EVENT, PREJUDGING & SHOW. Please click here for details on this DVD, A-0326DVD.

The Results:


1st - Monika Steiner (Germany)
2nd - Irene Nickole (Australia)
3rd - Joy Dobson (Australia)
4th - Mary Johnson (Australia)
5th - Gabrielle Klug (Austria)
6th - Michele Lucas (UK)
7th - Debbie Meller (Australia)
8th Mandy Curry
Charae Tassignen
Wendy Tarbat
Ivana Aceti
Michele Buckingham


1st - Heidi Thomas (UK)
2nd - Mary Scott (UK)
3rd - Sonia Walker (UK)
4th - Lisa Thompson (UK)
5th - Pascale Van Uxem (Belgium)
6th - Elizabeth Reisch (Austria)
7th - Verena Herrstorf
8th - Rose Keogh
Kerry McIntyre
Rosaria Franca

* NTSC DVD (region free)

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