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2005 WFF World Championship - The Women
Code: GMV-627DVD
Duration: 82 mins
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2005 WFF World Championship - The Women

Held in ARNSTADT, Germany, on 3rd December, 2005, this major event attracted a huge field, split into many different classes.
This DVD covers all the action from the women's classes listed below.
It includes the complete 3 rounds for every class, followed by the awards and overall posedown and award where relevant. The standouts were Women's Superbody winner ANITA HESS and many times winner SUSAN MALEKPUR-SHIRAZI who won her class. However Susan had to bow to overall Women's Fitness winner JANINA GABRIEL in the overall posedown.
Complete Results: The Women's Classes

Women Aerobic Fitness
1    Naomi Rinsampessy
2    Livia Kallagova
3    Andrea Hudakova

Women Juniors
1    Gailute Dursaite

Women Fitness Under 30
1    Janina Gabriel
2    Franciska Strycharczug
3    Beata Vrabelova
4    Simone Buiting
5    Stefanie Kretzschmar
6    Gailute Dursaite
7    Anna Wiering
8    Annekathrin Kalisch

Women Fitness over 30
1    Susan Malekpur-Shirazi
2    Doris Berauer
3    Daniela Thon

Women Performance Under 30
1    Jovita Siuksaite
2    Victoria Goodall
3    Angela Koekkoek

Women Performance over 30
1    Corinna Walther
2    Elaine Thorpe

Women Athletic Under 30
1    Nikola Durbakova

Women Athletic over 30
1     Heike Neubauer
2     Kyra Heinrich
3     Tatjana Mayerjofer
4     Martine Leys

Women Superbodv Under 30
1     Anita Hess
2     Kristyna Tomaschova
3     Claudia Stengel

Women Superbody Over 30
1     Vera Onkova
2     Galina Podolneva

Pairs Fitness
1    Doris Berauer / Alexander Schroll


Running time: 82 minutes.

Special thanks to our German cameraman TIMO SORGER.

All photos by Klaus P.J. Hoffmann.

Click here for the MEN'S DVD FROM THIS EVENT, GMV-626DVD.

* Available in NTSC (region free)

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