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Women's Muscle Power # 4 - The World's Most Muscular Women
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Duration: 60 mins
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Women's Muscle Power # 4 - The World's Most Muscular Women

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Experience the strength and power of Women's Muscle Power Vol. 4 as the women pose and work out.

This is DVD # 4 in our top rating series on the most muscular women in the world. In this DVD we showcase an international feast of muscular marvels from USA, Europe, UK and Australia. All shown in various posing segments from contest posing to guest posing to private posing.

See Dawn Sutherland of England as she "whips" the audience into a frenzy with her sexy schoolgirl strip routine.
Not to be outdone, England's VW girl, Kimberley-Anne Jones does her stuff in her Madonna-SM gear.
Karla Nelsen of USA provides a 6' tall mountain of muscle.

Many of these women have won major titles from Ms Olympia to Ms. Universe to various international and national titles. 
Country by country the women are as follows:

USA - Lenda Murray, Karla Nelsen, Yolanda Hughes, Cathy Butler-Corish, Millie Carter, Nancy Staiger
England - Kimberley-Anne Jones, Dawn Sutherland, Bernie Price, Claire Wheeler, Sarah Cutting, Bev Hahn, Sandra Berry, Denise Clarke
Australia - Andrea Izard, Lisa Egan, Donna Barry, Tania Mittoni, Deborah Pickford, Anna Spring, Irene Nickole, Tina Louise Perry, Debra Giliberti, Merise Miragliotta
Spain - Susana Perez
Italy - Tania Panza
Canada - Sharon Bruneau
Germany - Conny Plosser, Ella Hank
Holland - Ina Lopulissa

Originally released on video in 1994 and now on DVD.

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Running time: 60 mins

Photos by Wayne & Tina Gallasch, Peter Scarborough and courtesy KA Jones.


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