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1998 NABBA Universe (50th Year): The Women - Prejudging & Show
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Duration: 125 mins
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1998 NABBA Universe (50th Year): The Women - Prejudging & Show

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The Women: Prejudging and Show DVD includes the posing routines of all the competitors, key prejudging comparisons, plus the posedowns and awards. This was the 50th Year Anniversary of the NABBA Universe.

What a contest it was! What a piece of Fantastic History! 4 Great Legends presented on stage at the Show - Reeves, Pearl, Park and Hargitay.
Plus the 50th Anniversary dinner with the Legends - please click here to see all the information on GMV-294DVD.
This DVD is a very special record of the 50th Anniversary NABBA Universe Dinner and Posing Highlights. It consists of half an hour's posing highlights of the major Mr. Universe winners from Arnold in 1970 right up to 1997 inclusive. Regretfully we couldn't include all the winners in this 30 minute segment. However it does also include short posing segments by 4 of the all time greats prior to 1970 - Grimek, Reeves, Park and Pearl.

The second part of the DVD running for 60 minutes contains the highlights of the 50th Anniversary NABBA Universe Dinner and contains the complete speeches of STEVE REEVES, REG PARK, BILL PEARL and MICKEY HARGITAY, plus scenes of many other famous people in the audience that night.

1998 had it all, with the biggest crowd yet seen at the wonderful ICC in Birmingham! GMV Productions was there to capture all the excitement and action with our 2 camera team.

The Women's Pump Room is an absolute highlight for backstage feminine muscle action. See GMV-303DVD for all the details - click here. 
1998 NABBA Universe (50th Year): Women's Pump Room 1998 NABBA Universe (50th Year): Women's Pump Room  

Two great Pump Room videos are also available. Women’s and Men’s - both capturing the excitement and tension backstage as these great athletes prepare to fight their battles.

In this DVD see the women go head to head and toe to toe in the pump room before the battle continues on stage! What a Contest! What a piece of Fantastic History!


See the sensational Wonder from Down Under Pina Theodoridis winning her second overall Figure Class title from UK's Lynn Perrott. Julia Abel of UK edged out Jackie Young of UK and Australia's Heather Adams to win the Women's Physique crown.

Running time: 125 mins


Pina Theodoridis
(Australia) Miss Universe Overall Figure Winner
Julia Abel (UK) Miss Universe Physique Class.

Click here for details on Pina's training DVD, GMV-314DVD.
Pina - Pure Class: Pina Theodoridis: Ms Universe Pina - Pure Class: Pina Theodoridis: Ms Universe  

Pina - Pure Class: Pina Theodoridis: Ms Universe & Ms World. PINA THEODORIDIS is undoubtedly Australia's greatest ever female bodybuilder. Her record is incredible with 2 overall Universe victories (including 1998); overall World Champion plus three Australian and two Australasian titles. All contests have been in the NABBA Figure Class.

PINA displays her perfect shape and symmetry in the gym as she goes through her workout. She then demonstrates her flawless posing technique on the contest stage. Includes a brief interview with Clive Jaques.


The Complete Women's Results:

Overall Miss Figure:  Pina Theodoridis - Australia

Miss Figure Class 2

1.  Pina Theodoridis  Australia
2.  Lisa Masson  New Zealand
3.  Tatiana Kovalko  Belarus
4.  Juani Martinez  Spain
5.  Terri Roberts  Australia
6.  Maribel Montalvo  USA
7.  Lisa Morgan  UK
8.  Nina Sabella  Italy
9.  Julie Wallis  USA
10. Thomassine Catalano  France
Pappa Ruli
Natalia Pronina
Francopise Cazorla
Angela Barnes
Heike Mette
Debroah McCall
Tina Pusch
Sue White
Agnes Hannay
Marie Rose Machetta
Kakasida Vivi

Miss Figure Class 1

1.  Lynn Perrott UK
2.  Claudia Mulhaus  Germany
3.  Brigitte Crepieux  France
4.  Simone Moura  Brazil
5.  Gaylene Richards  Australia
6.  Imi Perez  Spain
7.  Michell Olsen  New Zealand
8.  Eileen Todd  U.K.
9.  Sylvie Esmenjaud  France
10. Trijntje Medema  Holland
Tammie-Marie Baker
Brenda McDonell
Anna Tafuri

Women's Physique

1.  Julia Abel  UK
2.  Jackie Young  UK
3.  Heather Adams  Australia
4.  Vera Bendel  Gemany
5.  Gill Feathers  UK
6.  Anja Timmer  Holland
7.  Hayley Brown  UK
8.  Galina Podolneva  Russia
9.  Marina Burninskaya  Latvia
10.  Marina Legenzova  Lithuania

* Available in NTSC (region free)

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