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Duration: 164 mins
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See the brilliant and ripped Texan pro bodybuilder BETTY PARISO take this overall title from the 2 new “young guns” of bodybuilding, JOANNA THOMAS of England and FANNIE BARRIOS of Venezuela. All three gained the coveted entry to the Ms. Olympia contest.
Yaxeni Oriquen became an outstanding champion and went on to win Ms Olympia and Ms International titles.

The first half of the DVD is the Prejudging and see all of the comparisons and posing. The second half is the Finals from walking out on stage, posing routines to the final awards.
22 incredible women competed representing 10 different countries. This contest was Joanna Thomas's pro debut and to go straight to the Olympia was a huge achievement, especially at the age of 23 years!! You will see the complete exciting event in this DVD, shot in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Emma Sue of UK wasn't in the second half of the event, as she only competed in the first 2 rounds of the prejudging. Unfortunately she injured one of her quads during the initial rounds and was unable to pose (to tense her quads) - or to continue on in the contest due to this knee injury.


1. Joanna Thomas, UK
2. Jennifer McVicar, USA
3. Marja Lehtonen, Finland
4. Christi  Wolf, USA
5. Denise Gerard, USA
6. Mary Ellen Jerumbo, USA


1. Fannie Barrios, Venezuela

2. Sophie Duquette, Canada

3. Kim Harris, USA

4. Myriam Bustamante, Mexico
5. Heike Jung, Germany

6. Maria Bello, Argentina



1. Betty Pariso, USA (Overall winner)

2. Yaxeni Oriquen, Venezuela

3. Amy Pazzo, USA

4. Heather Foster, USA

5. Sharon Robelle, USA

6. Christine Envall, Australia
7. Lisa Bavington, Canada 
8. Antonella Grilli, Italy 
9. Maria Callo Wallace, USA 
DNP. Emma Sue of UK withdrew during the event due to injury.

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Betty Pariso is still a top Olympia competitor today as at 2009. Yaxeni Oriquen also competed in the 2009 Ms. Olympia. Please click here for the 2009 OLYMPIA WOMEN'S DVD, A-1325DVD.
Please click here to see Yaxeni in her own DVD which is GMV-569DVD LATIN STYLE.
Please click here to see Fannie Barrios in her own DVD which is GMV-570 OLYMPIA DREAMING.
Please click here to see Heike Jung in her own DVD which is GMV-256DVD THE YOUNG AMAZONS.
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