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2001 NABBA Universe: The Women - Prejudging & Show
Code: GMV-449DVDSP
Duration: 126 mins
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2001 NABBA Universe: The Women - Prejudging & Show

Also on Digital Download - Prejudging.    Preview clip.

Also on Digital Download - The Show.     Preview clip.

Held in Newcastle, England, this event was originally offered as a 2 tape set showcasing the fabulous women of the 2001 NABBA Universe!!


This was the first time ever that we offered the complete women’s prejudging on video!
See all 41 women in Round 1 lineups and Round 3 comparisons. Every single call-out is included in the DVD.

Then you will see the complete posing routines of the 23 women who didn’t make it into the top 6.
(The top 6 from all three classes pose in the second half of the DVD at the evening show).
The Women’s Fitness Class is also included in the Show DVD. This Prejudging section includes Women’s Physique, Figure Class 1 (Tall) and Figure Class 2 (Short).


In the second half of the DVD we have another first being the first time ever that we have released the COMPLETE Women's Evening Show. Not a second has been edited out.

See the complete posing routines of all 24 finalists as follows: 12 figure women, 6 physique women, and 6 fitness women.

We include the entire Figure Class overall judging, posedown and awards. Highlight of the Show was Giovanna Rosa's third consecutive overall victory in the Figure Class.
Also of note was the brilliant victory in Figure Class 2 of Terri Roberts of Australia. Terri is a legend and is still competing in the Miss Universe Figure. In 2005 she placed 5th and in 2007 she will be back to try to reclaim her 2001 crown.

To see Terri in her own DVD, please click here for GMV-357DVD Terri Roberts - Miss Universe, or GMV-380DVD Women's Muscle Power #10 where she stars in our "Winning Figures" DVD.

Another interesting point from the results above. 4 of the women went on to claim Universe titles in subsequent years. They were Olga Tikhonova and Sandra Waterschoot in Physique, Loretta McMillan in Figure and Zelda Latimer in Fitness. Even more remarkable was 3 Australian women making top 6 in Figure Class 2.

Running time: 126 mins

The Complete Women's results were as follows:

1 Anja Timmer Holland
2 Sandra Waterschoot Belgium
3 Gabriele Heidecker Germany
4 Elaine Bell UK
5 Désiréé Dümpel Holland
6 Olga Tikhonova Russia
7 Galina Podolneva Russia
8 Ielja Strik Holland
9 Gaynor Davies UK
10 Sasha UK
1 Giovanna Rosa Italy
2 Claudia Casalini Italy
3 Oxana Chitigena Russia
4 Svetlana Pugacheva Russia
5 Melissa Sutherland UK
6 Jolanda Mol Holland
7 Cherie Loomes South Africa
8 Lisa Clarke UK
9 Claudi Muegge South Africa
10 Elaine Thorpe UK
11 Monique Van Geel-Maas Holland
1 Terri Roberts Australia
2 Tatyana Kovalko Belarus
3 Simone Moura Brazil
4 Alfia Solomentseva Russia
5 Stella Dinan Australia
6 Loretta McMillan Australia
7 Sabrina Pitera Italy
8 Colleen Miller South Africa
9 Nicola Craven UK
10 Beatriz Gomez Spain
Gina Ford UK
Janet Moore UK
Delphini Pyckhout France
Julie Waite UK
Cledina Chaves Argentina
Vanessa Boddey UK
Christel Van Even Belgium
Marina Karyagina Belgium

1 Nicole Pitcher UK
2 Zelda Latimer UK
3 Monica Wright Australia
4 Lynsey Beattie
5 Dawn Jinks
6 Jenny Black

To view the the complete 2001 Universe results in our year by year results section, click here. 

* Available in NTSC DVD Only (Region Free)

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