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1994 NABBA World Championships: Women & Pairs - The Show
Code: V-086BDVD
Duration: 90 mins
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The best the world has to offer - a superb DVD with athletes from USA, Germany, England, Australia, France, Italy, and more.

Includes the famous European posing g-string costumes. Stunningly graceful figure competitors, plus the more muscular and defined physique style. Something for everyone.

From the opening lineup at the start of every class, each competitor is introduced while hitting a pose.
The lineup then does 1/4 turns.
See the top 6 finalists being called out to leave the stage.
Remaining competitors all pose down for 30-40 seconds. THIS MEANS THAT YOU SEE SOME POSING FROM EVERY SINGLE COMPETITOR.
The top 6 finalists then do their individual complete posing routines. You also see all class awards.
At the end of the show there is the OVERALL POSEDOWN.

The two overall winners were Tania Mittoni - FIGURE CLASS and Lisa Egan - PHYSIQUE CLASS, both from Australia. The Prejudging was not recorded.
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1994 NABBA World Championships
Herentals, Belgium   11th June, 1994

MR. WORLD: Klaus Tomandl - Germany
FIGURE MISS WORLD: Tania Mittoni - Australia
PHYSIQUE MISS WORLD: Lisa Egan - Australia

Figure Class 1: Tania Mittoni - Australia
Figure Class 2: Veronique Bossan - France
Physique Class 1: Lisa Egan - Australia
Physique Class 2: Cathy Butler-Corish - USA
Pairs: Renate & Peter Neubauer - Germany

1   Lisa Egan - Australia
2   Renate Neubauer - Germany
3   Lilian Bartels - Holland
4   Sylvia Hoefler - Germany
5   Lena Johannesen - Norway
6   Lynn McBride - UK
7   Sagitta Paul - Germany
8   Thea Slikboer - Holland

1   Cathy Butler-Corish - USA
2   Inge Grajera - Germany
3   Tiziana Tecca - Italy
4   Ann Van Roeyen - Belgium
5   Sibil Peeters - Holland

1   Tania Mittoni - Australia
2   Claudia Rohrs - Germany (Roehrs)
3   Francoise Rivier - France
4   Isabelle Streit - France
5   Alexandra Baumann - Germany
6   Sabine Weeke - Germany
7   Alda Cook - UK
8   Natalia Pyrjakova - Belarus
9   Inki Loisen - Belgium
10   Joanne Ryan - New Zealand
11   Sonia Fraioli - Italy
12   Olga Vlasova - Russia

1   Veronique Bossan - France
2   Natascha Nicole - Germany
3   Jackie Young - UK
4   Anke Schwarz - Germany
5   Petra Morlok - Germany
6   Natalia Pronina - Russia
7   Isabelle Van Der Stuyf - Holland
8   Cinzia Palzone - Italy
9   Claudia Muhlhaus - Germany (Muehlhaus)

1 Renate & Peter Neubauer - Germany
2 Claudia & Mario Rieger - Germany
3 Chris & Ludo Boons - Belgium
4 Isabelle & Gille Streit - France

Running time: 90 mins

 Available in NTSC DVD Only (Region Free)

Cathy Butler

Lena Johannesen

Lisa Egan

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