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1988 NABBA Universe: The Women - Prejudging & Show
Code: GMV-090DVD
Duration: 100 mins
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1988 NABBA Universe: The Women - Prejudging & Show

Also available on Digital Download. 

In this DVD you will see the complete Women's Contest from all the lineups and comparisons at Prejudging, to the posing routines from every competitor, through to the evening show. The DVD includes the class awards and presentations for Figure and Physique Ms. Universe. 

The Women's Physique class was brilliantly won by Aussie star Leisa Campbell with one of the most complete physiques seen in years. Feisty, charasmatic and ripped -  she had the complete package.

The Figure Class title was taken out by British champion Sarah Staunton. Sarah had a beautifully structured physique with the perfect combination of size, muscularity, femininity and symmetry.

Approximately 100 minutes of classic women's contest action! The full WOMEN'S RESULTS listed below.

Please click here for the MEN'S PREJUDGING from this event, GMV-088DVD.
Please click here for the MEN - THE SHOW DVD from this event, GMV-089DVD.

Please click here for the 1988 NABBA Professional Mr. Universe, Prejudging & Show, GMV-081DVD. The Pro Universe was staged as a completely separate event.
Please click here for the COMPLETE EVENT RESULTS - MEN & WOMEN.



1. Leisa Campbell (Australia)
2. Donna Hartley-Wass (UK)
3. Tatjana Scholl (Germany)
4. Colleen Yates (UK)
5. Robina Harvey (UK)
6. Julie Dent (UK)
7. Karla Nelsen (USA)
8. Christiana Breitenbach (Germany)
Tamara Konz
Pam Davies
Rina Howard
Diane Royle
Kim Knott
Antoinette Miller
Michele Lucas
Yvette Dincq


1. Sarah Staunton (UK)
2. Karen Titherington (UK)
3. Patricia Potter (Eire)
4. Anita Ivankovic (Yugoslavia)
5. Jeanette Harper (Australia)
6. Tania Panza (Italy)
7. Gill Myers (UK)
8. Maria Charin (France)


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