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Duration: 102 mins
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This new DVD chronicles workout partners, Jenny Lynn and Trish Warren as they go through their demanding contest prep for the 2009 Fitness and Figure
Olympia contests respectively. Jenny is a two time FIGURE WINNER at both the Olympia and the Arnold event.

This documentary shows everything that went into their latest contest prep including workouts, plyometrics, posing practice, routine practice and an informative Q&A with Jenny and Trish about their contest planning and execution, and what it is like being experienced IFBB Pro athletes.

Please click here for Jenny Lynn's first DVD, A-1207DVD Jenny Lynn - The Harder I Work The Luckier I Get - 2 Disc Set.

Running Time:   102 mins.

Jenny Lynn Contest History:

Europa Supershow - IFBB, Figure Winner
Jacksonville Pro - IFBB, Figure, 3rd
Olympia - IFBB, Figure, 7th (Click here for A-1325DVD).

2008 Olympia - IFBB, Figure, 4th (Click here for A-1287DVD).

2007 Olympia Weekend (Click here for A-1243DVD).
Figure (Place: 1)

2006 Olympia Weekend (Click here for A-1172DVD).
Figure (Place: 1)

2006 Shawn Ray Colorado Pro/Am Classic
Figure (Place: 2)

2006 Pittsburgh Pro Figure
Figure (Place: 1)

2006 Arnold Classic
Figure: Withdrew Due to Injury

2005 Olympia Weekend (Click here for A-1108DVD).
Figure: Figure (Place: 2)
2005 San Francisco Pro (Click here for GMV-608DVD).
Figure (Place: 1)

2005 Arnold Classic
Figure: Figure (Place: 1)

2004 Olympia Weekend  (Click here for A-1090DVDSP).
Figure: Figure (Place: 2)

2004 Arnold Classic
Figure: Figure (Place: 1)

2003 Olympia Weekend (Click here for A-1074DVDSP).
Figure (Place: 3)

Trish Warren – IFBB Fitness Pro Bio
Full Name: Trish Warren and previously competed as Trish Mayberry.
Nickname: Black Mamba
Married to IFBB Pro Branch Warren
Place of Birth: Webster, TX
Date of Birth: June 09, 1979
Residence: Euless, TX
Height: 5'2"
Contest Weight: 120 lbs
Off-Season Weight: 127 lbs

Trish Warren Contest History:

2009 NY Pro Fitness 2nd Place
2009 Fitness International 7th place (Click here for GMV-741DVDSP)    
2009 Fitness Olympia 9th Place  (Click here for A-1325DVD)
2008 Fitness Olympia 9th place (Click here for A-1287DVD)
2008 NY Pro Fitness 2nd Place
2007 NY Pro Fitness 8th place
2006 San Francisco Pro Figure 12th place (Click here for GMV-629DVD)  
2005 San Francisco Pro Figure 7th place  (Click here for GMV-608DVD)
2005 Charlotte Pro Figure 12th place (Click here for A-1216DVD)
2004 NY Pro Fitness 16th place
2002 Nationals Earned Pro Card Fitness Medium
2002 Jr National Fitness Overall Champ
2001 SW USA Fitness Champion
2001 Ronnie Coleman Classic Fitness Champion

If you are a fan of the Warrens, please click here for the BRANCH WARREN - TRAIN INSANE DVD, A-1327DVD.


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