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1984 IFBB Ms. Olympia
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Duration: 92 mins
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1984 IFBB Ms. Olympia
Held at the Place Des Arts in Montreal, Canada, the 1984 Ms. Olympia saw the arrival of a new young superstar to the scene of Women’s Bodybuilding in the form of CORY EVERSON.
In this contest Cory weighed 150 pounds at a height of 5'9".

Her physique was so outstanding, it set a new standard for the sport. Cory virtually snatched the title away from favourites and past winners in Rachel McLish (1980 and 1982) and Carla Dunlap (1983) in taking home the Olympia trophy.

This was her first of 6 such titles before retiring undefeated as a professional after the 1989 Ms. Olympia. She is the only woman to ever accomplish this perfect result as a professional.
You will see the posing routines of all 24 competitors listed below, and brief interviews with each competitor before their posing routines. Includes some comparisons, then the awards and a short victory interview with Cory .
This is an historic DVD. It was shot with the technology of the times, 30 years ago, and as such is a wonderful and important record of many famous names from that golden period of the mid-eighties.

Running time: 92 mins
1984 Ms. Olympia
Montreal, Canada

Complete Results:
1984 Ms. Olympia
1. Cory Everson  USA
2. Rachel McLish  USA
3. Mary Roberts  USA
4. Carla Dunlap  USA
5. Carla Temple  Canada
6. Clare Furr  USA
7. Gladys Portugues  USA
8. Lynn Conkwright  USA
9. Ellen Van Maris  Netherlands
10. Dinah Anderson  USA
11. Tina Plakinger  USA
12. Erika Mes  Netherlands
13. Candy Csencsits  USA
14. Marjo Selin  Finland
15. Inger Zetterqvist  Sweden
16. Kay Baxter  USA
16. Susan Roberts  USA
16. Carolyn Cheshire  England
16. Lisser Frost-Larsen Denmark
16. Holly Buss  Canada
16. Josee Baumgartner France
16. Carina Johansson  Sweden
16. Joy Nichols  Canada
16. Lydia Cheng  USA


1982 Miss Olympia 1982 Miss Olympia

One of the golden oldies: Rachel McLish was the winner in this the 3rd year of the contest. She was followed by Carla Dunlap, Kike Elomaa, Lynn Conkwright and many other famous names of the 80s. As they wrote at the time, "The new Miss Olympia is lean, muscular, sensual. She is the new breed of woman." See 26 beautiful athletic bodybuilding women in the most prestigious competition for female bodybuilders. Winner Rachel McLish went on to star in films and is still in fantastic shape today. Carla Dunlap went on to win the 1983 Miss Olympia. Sadly no film or video record of that event exists.

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