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1985 NABBA Mr. Universe: Men - The Show
Code: A-0269DVD
Duration: 140 Mins
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1985 NABBA Mr. Universe: Men - The Show.

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Amateur and Professional male bodybuilders featuring: Tim Belknap, Ed Kawak, Bob Reis, Eugene Laviscount, Charlie Clairmonte, Andre Maille, Gary Lewer, Joe Bucci and many more champions.

Held at Wembley, the 1985 NABBA Mr Universe Men - The Show was packed with drama and surprises. It was a classic year with the field packed with NABBA champions from UK, Europe and North America.

In this 140 mins MEN – THE SHOW DVD, you will see the posing routines of the top 6 guys in each class, plus the Overall Amateur posedown and all awards as follows:
OVERALL AMATEUR MR. UNIVERSE was the sensational Tim Belknap of USA.
PRO MR. UNIVERSE was the incredible Ed Kawak of Lebanon/W. Germany.

In the PROFESSIONAL CLASS, it was a great battle between EDWARD KAWAK, BRIAN BUCHANAN and LANCE DREHER. The final results also ended up this order with Dreher having to wait a further 12 months to finally claim this title.

In the Junior Class staged at the Universe it was down to the wire between 3 amazing young Brits in TONY FRANCIS, ROGER BARTLEY and DAVID KILROY with that also being the order on which they finished.

TRT: 140 mins

The OVERALL AMATEUR MR. UNIVERSE was the sensational Tim Belknap of USA. The PROFESSIONAL MR. UNIVERSE was the incredible Ed Kawak of Lebanon/W. Germany.

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To order the 1985 NABBA Universe: The Women - Prejudging & Finals, please click here for A-0270DVD.

1985 NABBA Universe Men's Results
Wembley, 21 September, 1985

Junior Contest at the Universe
1.  Tony Francis
2.  Roger Bartley
3.  David Kilroy
4.  Nick Naylor
5.  Ken Prescott
6.  Mark Buck
All competitors were from UK

Men's Class 3
1  Tim Belknap - USA
2.  Larry Bernstein - USA
3.  Terry Phillips - UK
4.  Joel Destin - France
5.  Ramsford Smith - UK
6.  Nicky Cheung - UK
7.  Willi Grahsl - Austria
8.  Paul Patterson - UK
8. Stephano Pasquale - Italy
William Lambert- Canada
Billy Knight - Australia
Eusebio Esteba - Spain

Men's Class 2
1.  Eugene Laviscount - UK
2.  Rudiger Becker - W. Germany
3.  Peter Andreas - W. Germany
4.  Patrice Linguet - France
5.  Vince D'Allessandro - UK
6.  Dietmar Stoitzner - Austria
7.  Jocket Jones - Barbados
8. Mark Lidbury - Australia
Al Disiena - USA
Lucio Baggiossi - Italy
Pierre Cremier - Guadeloupe
Maximiliano Negrin- Spain
Stephen Rodgers - UK

Men's Class 1
1.  Ronald Matz - W. Germany
2.  Charles Clairmonte - UK
3.  Andre Maille - Canada
4.  Gary Lewer - Australia
5.  Owen Neil - Australia
6.  Joe Bucci - USA
7.  Paul Riley - UK
8.  Basil Francis - UK
9.  Karl Hauer - Austria
Marco Rossomondi - Italy
Alfonso Monteiro - Brazil
Paul Haslam - Australia
Frank McCormack - Eire
Peter Mueller - Canada
Njue Jackson - Switzerland
Guido van Drunen - Holland
Walter Stollwitzer - Austria
Ettore Azzarone - Italy
Robert Solberg - USA


Professional Class
1.  Edward Kawak - Lebanon/W. Germany
2.  Brian Buchanan - UK
3.  Lance Dreher - USA
4.  Fillipo Massaroni - Italy
5.  Dave Johns - USA
6.  Hubert Metz - W. Germany
7.  Bob Reis - USA
8.  Gabin Lambert - France
9.  Manfred Grossler - Austria
Roberto Mazzoli - Italy
Peter Caputo - USA
Josef Vesely - CSSR
Bob Jodkiewicz - USA
Warren Frederick - USA
Walter O'Malley - UK
Bill Hemsworth - UK


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