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2005 Charlotte Pro - Men's & Women's Finals 2 Disc Set
Code: A-1216DVD
Duration: 178 mins
Price: $39.95
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2005 Charlotte Pro - Men's & Women's Finals 2 Disc Set
* Available in NTSC DVD Only (Region Free)

The first-ever Charlotte pro took place on September 30 and October 1, 2005. This inaugural show will go down in history of one of the best Pro Bodybuilding shows in history. Witness the amazing fitness routines, breathtaking figure competitors and the intense bodybuilding posedown featuring Dennis James, Branch Warren and Quincy Taylor.

Also, witness the world’s top Jui Jitsu competitors and enjoy the dodgeball exhibition between the Hooter’s Girls and the Budweiser girls! This video will show you why this is the “Ultimate Man’s Weekend.”

The 2 DVD set includes:

Complete finals of the men’s bodybuilding and women’s bodybuilding, Figure and Fitness Finals.

Behind the scenes interviews with many of the Pro’s like Branch Warren, Dennis James and Quincy Taylor, to name just a few!

Highlights from the Ultimate Man’s Weekend Expo that ran in conjunction with the Charlotte Pro.

The Ultimate Man’s Weekend Expo included the Budweiser National Jiu Jitsu Competitions and the National Dodgeball Competitions, with the sizzling first time ever…

Hooters Girls vs. Budweiser Girls Exhibition Dodgeball match!

Total running time: 178 mins



1 Branch Warren USA
2 Dennis James, Germany 
3 George Farah, USA
4 Mustafa Mohammed, Lebanon
5 Quincy Taylor, USA 
6 Craig Richardson, USA
7 Brian Chamberlain, USA
8 Fakhri Mubarak, USA
9 Miguel Oliveira, USA
10 Milton Holloway, USA
11 Armin Scholz, Germany
12 Rusty Jeffers, USA
13 Johnny Steward, USA 
14 Greg Rando, USA
15 Scott Milne, Canada
16 Mohamad Anouti, Lebanon
16 Lee Apperson, USA
16 Aiman Faour, Lebanon 
16 Neil Gardner, Australia
16 Harold Marmillier, England 
16 Lawrence Marshall, Trinidad 
16 Jojo Ntiforo, USA
16 Ntuk Ntuk, USA
16 Lee Powell, USA
16 Luke Wood, Australia

Women's Bodybuilding:

1 Jitka Harazimova
1 Jitka Harazimova, Czech
2 Betty Pariso, USA
3 Sarah Dunlap, USA
4 Aurelia Grozajova, Slovakia

1 Antoinette Norman, USA
2 Jeannie Paparone, USA 
3 Vicki Nixon, USA
4 Angela Debatin, USA
5 Mary Ellen Jerumbo, USA
6 Elizabeth Gomez, England 
DNF Gayle Moher, USA


1 Julie Palmer, USA 
2 Tracey Greenwood, USA
3 Mindy O'Brien, Canada
4 Angela Monteleone-Semsch, USA
5 Amy Haddad, USA
6 Summer Stevenhagen-Montabone, USA 
7 Katie Szep, USA
8 Sabrina Gibson, USA
9 Amy Huber, USA
10 Donna Louise Jones, Australia
11 Karen Walcott, Trinidad
12 Kizzy Vaines, England
13 Shannon Dey, USA
14 Sally Wombwell, Bermuda


1 Davana Medina, USA
2 Amber Littlejohn, USA
3 Latisha Wilder, USA
4 Chastity Slone, USA 
5 Tara Scotti, USA
6 Milamar Sarcev, USA
7 Michelle Adams, USA
8 Elaine Goodlad, USA
9 Zena Collins, USA
10 Julie Lohre, USA 
11 Deborah Leung, Canada 
12 Trish Mayberry, USA
13 Sherie Salvadori, USA
14 Inga Neverauskaite, England
15 Lynsey Beattie-Ahearne, England 
16 Amy Peters, USA
17 Barbara Engelsmann, Germany 
18 Alejandra Abdala, Czech
18 Lucie Bergeron, Canada
18 June Munroe, USA
18 Vlasta Gruberova, Czech

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