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1991 NABBA Mr. & Miss Britain: The Show
Code: A-0676DVD
Duration: 183 mins
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1991 NABBA Mr. & Miss Britain: The Show
Men & Women

In this EVENING SHOW DVD, our cameraman has captured the complete event covering all classes for Men & Women. This is a classic British Championships from the early 90s.

You will see all of the posing routines, class awards and overall Posedowns. The major winners were:
Overall Mr. Britain:  Francis Rainford
Masters Winner: John Citrone (pictured front cover) 
Overall Figure Winner:  Louis Jane Johns 
Women's Physique Winner:  Lynda Mason

Enjoy a massive 183 exciting minutes showing you what actually takes place at a major British Championships in the early 90s. Classic British Bodybuilding at its best!! Tall Class Figure winner HELEN MADDERSON is pictured rear cover.

There are no photos and there is no Prejudging DVD from this event, but you can enjoy all of the action from the PUMP ROOM at this British National Contest in A-0656DVD, please click here.
1991 NABBA Mr. & Miss Britain: Behind the Scenes - Pump Room 1991 NABBA Mr. & Miss Britain: Behind the Scenes - Pump Room.  

1991 NABBA Mr. & Miss Britain - Results


Overall Mr. Britain:  Francis Rainford 

Tall Class

1   Francis Rainford
2   Andrew Webb
3   Michael Ahearne
4   Wayne Severn
5   Robert McBride
6   Samson Cohen
7   Eric Hartley
8   Phil Peters 
Medium-Tall Class

1   Dennis Francis
2   Michael Sadler
3   Steven Wiggins
4   Michael Johnson
5   Ian Coates
6   Barrie Vormawah
7   Vincent Wedderburn
8   Paul Massey
Medium Class

1   Billy Jones
2   Nicky Cheung
3   Michele Caira
4   Lloyd Samuels
5   Stephen Lloyd
6   Justin Trollope
7   Errol Kelly
8   Peter Cooper
Short Class

1   John McCall
2   Roy Navarro
3   Francesco Palmieri
4   Jason Corrick
Junior Class
1   Adrian Chapman
2   Gary Watkinson
3   Michael O'Hanlon
4   Jarret Palmer
5   Steve Wright
6   Steven McGrain
7   Michael Kelly
8   Paul Patterson
1   John Citrone
2   Bernard Bryan
3   John Madderson
4   Bob Hills
5   Nicholas Sinclair
6   Thomas Dunn
7   Tony Sullivan
8   Chris Deakin


Physique Class.

1   Lynda Mason
2   Joan Nicholson
3   Loraine Farraday
4   Jane Corbett
5   Julia Ashail
6   Sarah Hackney
7   Helen Tarr
8   Deborah Bonsall
Overall Figure Class Winner:  Louis Jane Johns 

Figure Tall
1   Helen Madderson
2   Evelyn Lees
3   Anna Lovelock
4   Sandy Young
5   Kathleen Reah
6   Pauline Oliver
7   Andra Day
8   Karen Jackson
NP   Mary Scott (had been 4th)

Figure Short
1   Louis Jane Johns
2   Janette Halstead
3   Pamela Barnett
4   Alison Hain
5   Ana-Maria Burgoyne
6   Avril Vormawah
7   Cathy Valley
8   Linda Simes


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