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1985 AAU Junior Mr. & Miss America & Couples: The Show
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Duration: 92 mins
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1985 AAU Junior Mr. & Miss America & Couples: The Show

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This DVD is notable for the early appearance of a future international champion - double Mr. Universe winner VICTOR TERRA. The emerging young American champion VICTOR TERRA achieved his first major victory in USA.

In 1988 Victor won the OVERALL AMATEUR NABBA UNIVERSE TITLE, please click here for GMV-089DVD, and in 1991 he won the NABBA PROFESSIONAL MR. UNIVERSE title. Please click here to see Victor win this prestigious title, GMV-139DVD.

Held in Memphis, TN, in the summer of 1985, this was one of the early shows that Wayne shot on video in USA. This is the most popular and important AAU Junior Nationals event of the year. See an outstanding posing display by the stars of the future, back in 1985. Many of them besides Victor Terra went on to some major achievements later in their careers. Skip Robinson shot a feature with Wayne in 1978. Please click here for details on GMV-037DVD.

In the Couples section, Victor and Lisa Alvanos gave a sublime performance of grace, power and beauty.

In July, 2012 we digitally remastered the original video tape from 1985, improving the crispness of the images, as we had noted a slight dropping out of the colour in several places. This brief dropping to black and white several times is hardly noticeable, and does not in any way reduce the importance or the enjoyment of this classic DVD.

The Overall Winners were VICTOR TERRA and KARIN MITCHELL. Both were very worthy champions.

See the CONTEST RESULTS below.

RT: 92 mins

1985 AAU Junior Mr America Results
Memphis, Tennessee
Overall Winner: Victor Terra pictured above.


Overall 1985 AAU Junior Mr. America Winner:
Victor Terra 

Tall Class
1   Keith Whitley
2   Matt Small
3   David McGee
4   Al Ortiz
5   Keith Shaw
1   Rob Solberg
2   Ron Coleman
3   Ted Lopes
4   Bruce Quinn
5   Tyrone Felder
Medium Class
1   Chuck Sanow
2   Skip Robinson
3   Mark Miller
4   Joey Bastone
5   Lance Humphrey
Short Class
1   Victor Terra
2   Jay Harris
3   Carmen Cascio
4   Greg Tuck
5   Val Vallese
1985 AAU Junior Miss America

Overall Winner: Karin Mitchell 

Tall Class
1   Karin Mitchell
2   Francoise Holtsclaw
3   Colleen Flaherty
4   Katherine Thomason
5   Pamela Forte
Short Class
1   Claudia Mountfort
2   Sheritha McKenzie
3   Lisa Alvanos
4   Laquita Simmons

Couples Winners
Victor Terra & Lisa Alvanos


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