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1992 SABBA South Australian Bodybuilding Championships - Prejudging
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Duration: 95 mins
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1992 SABBA South Australian Bodybuilding Championships - Prejudging

The cold, wet and windy weather did nothing to cool the heat in South Australia's premier bodybuilding event, the 1992 State Bodybuilding Championships. The hottest bodies - both men and women - fought major battles to take out the State title and to be chosen to represent South Australia at the upcoming Australasian Championships held in Melbourne the following weekend.

The Prejudging DVD features the posing routines, all the key comparisons, and includes all the stars listed in the RESULTS below.
Derek Immervoll was subsequently announced as the OVERALL WINNER of the Mr. South Australia title at the evening show. All classes were of a particularly high standard this year.

Women's Over 35 Pam Reid
Women's Physique Mary Berecry
Women's Figure Fay Garland
Men's Teenage Thang Doan
Men's Juniors Matthew Papandrea
Men's Novice Leigh Menadue
Men's Masters Over 40 Jackie Kirk
Men's Open Short Derek Immervoll
Men's Open Tall Mark Trewartha

Running Time: 95 mins

Please click here for THE SHOW DVD from this event, GMV-150DVD.

1992 SABBA South Australian Bodybuilding Championships

Women's Over 35
1.  Pam Reid
2.  Elizabeth Taylor
3.  Debbie Dohnt
4.  Katti Nou-Linde

Women's Physique
1.  Mary Berecry
2.  Deborah Preece
3.  Sue Hayles
4.  Maree Flux
5.  Julia Bone
6.  Shannon Stephens
7.  Jan-Marie Rosa

Women's Figure
1.  Fay Garland
2.  Heather Lindsay
3.  Anna Leigh
4.  Jan Gow
5.  Bev  Williamson
6.  Esther Pedisic

Men's Teenage
1.  Thang Doan
2.  Truong Pham

Men's Juniors
1.  Matthew Papandrea
2.  Jason McDougall
3.  Scott Spinks

Men's Novice
1.  Leigh Menadue
2.  Tony Rocca
3.  Eric Cartwright
4.  Shane Bleeze
5.  Keith Schrapel

Men's Masters Over 40
1.  Jackie Kirk
2.  Phil Peake
3.  Doug Thompson
4.  Gary Maddison

Men's Open Short
1.  Derek Immervoll - OVERALL WINNER
2.  Peter Mander

Men's Open Tall
1.  Mark Trewartha
2.  Bill Angelopoulis
3.  Eddie Sakkers
4.  Paul Roe


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