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1988 SABBA Adelaide Physique Classic: Prejudging
Code: GMV-072DVD
Duration: 120 mins
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1988 SABBA Adelaide Physique Classic: Prejudging

Men & Women

This is a classic South Australian contest now remastered on DVD.

The Adelaide Physique Classic was a great contest for aspiring bodybuilders to "wet their feet" in the world of physique competition - therefore you will often see quite famous physiques in their very early stages of formation. The guest poser this particular year was the spectacular Paul Haslam.

Esa Havela competed in this important South Australian state contest and won. He later went on to star in MANPOWER.

Please click here for THE SHOW DVD from this contest, GMV-073DVD.

Class Winners:

Mens Teenage
Randal Smythe

Mens Junior
Mick Proude

Mens Novice
Esa Havela

Womens Junior
Jodie Matters

Womens Novice
Anne Richards

Trevor Aldenhoven/Rosemary Bobridge

Womens Over 35
Noreen Holland

Jackie Kirk

Mens Open
Esa Havela

Guest Poser
Paul Haslam
Mr. South Pacific

RT: 120 mins

1988 Adelaide Physique Classic Complete Results

Men's Teenage

1.  Randall Smythe
2.  Kim Ogilvie
3.  David Tindal

Men's Junior

1.  Mick Proude
2.  Mark Visser
3.  Paul White

Men's Novice

1.  Esa Havela
2.  Neil Forner
3.  Jim Kaiwahia
4.  Darren Phelan
5.  Paul Anderton
6.  John Callahan
7.  Robert Friend
8.  Steve Wegener
9.  Lionel Krieger
10. Ralf Ebersold

Men's Masters

1.  Jackie Kirk
2.  Jim McCluskey
3.  Trevor Aldenhoven
4.  Phil Peake

Men's Open

1.  Esa Havela
2.  Neil Forner
3.  Colin Maclean
4.  Darren Phelan
5.  Brian Zadow

Women's Junior

1.  Jodie Matters

Women's Novice

1.  Anne Richards
2.  Andrea smith
3.  Virginia Hamblin
4.  Rosemaree Bobridge
5.  Elizabeth Van Hoof

Women's Over 35

1.  Noreen Holland
2.  Janis Lindblom


1.  Trevor Aldenhoven/Rosemaree Bobridge
2.  Gubbs Mendo/Rosemary Nannini


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