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1998 SABBA Adelaide Physique Classic: Prejudging & Show
Code: GMV-288DVD
Duration: 120 mins
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1998 SABBA Adelaide Physique Classic: Prejudging & Show

Enjoy the complete contest in this DVD which takes you from the start of PREJUDGING to the end of the evening SHOW.

You will see the posing routines of every competitor, key comparisons from the Prejudging and all of the evening posing routines - the tension through to the final awards where TONY GRIFFIN was announced as ADELAIDE CLASSIC PHYSIQUE CHAMPION for 1998. (Pictured front cover above.)

The Class Winners -

Men's Classes
Aaron Savcic
Novice: Damon Riley
First Timers: Ross Williams
Masters: Paul Cosford
Open: Tony Griffin

Women's Classes
First Timers:
Tania Clark
Physique: Debra Ross
Over 35 Figure: Tracy Dempsey
Figure: Leigh Jarrett
Ms. Fitness: Kim Knott

Running time: 120 mins

Kim Knott - Natural Ms. Universe; Natural Ms. Olympia.  

KIM KNOTT is a multi-titled superstar of bodybuilding and fitness. She has won national and international titles in bodybuilding, fitness and aerobics. As a talented all-round athlete, Kim has also won titles in other, non-fitness, sports such as water-skiing. Her latest success was the title of the INBA Overall Miss Olympia and INBA Miss Olympia Professional champion. We showcase her gym training and career highlights from her first National Bodybuilding Title in 1988 through to the present day. This is not just another workout video but a visually exciting DVD journey through a lifetime of fitness.

1998 SABBA Adelaide Physique Classic - Complete Results

Men's Teenage
1.  Aaron Savcic
2.  Johnny Hankins

Men's Novice
1.  Damon Riley
2.  Nilton Azevedo
3.  David Clark

Men's First Timers
1.  Ross Williams

Men's Masters
1.  Paul Cosford

Men's Open
1.  Tony Griffin
2.  Rob Aylett

Women's First Timers
1.  Tania Clark
2.  Debbie Roberts
3.  Tracy West
4.  Christine Campbell

Women's Figure
1.  Leigh Jarrett
2.  Stella Dinan

Ms. Fitness
1.  Kim Knott

Women's Physique
1.  Debra Ross
2.  Andrea Watson

Women's Over 35 Figure
1.  Tracy Dempsey
2.  Andrea Sporer

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