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1986 SABBA Adelaide Physique Classic Show
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Duration: 145 mins
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1986 SABBA Adelaide Physique Classic
The Show - Men & Women

Dom Polski Hall, Adelaide, South Australia   6th April, 1986.

This major contest saw a great entry from all of the top physiques in South Australia, both men and women. The Prejudging was not recorded, but every single competitor presents their posing routine at the Show. See the complete evening show from all of the individual routines to guest posers to the final awards.

It was a big night for the sensational Junior star Mark Trewartha. Mark went on to have a great career in the Open Class including his representing Australia at the NABBA Universe in 1991 and 1995.

Eddie Turner also presented an outstanding, symmetrical physique in winning the Men's Open Class.
Women's winner Debbie Meller went on 5 months later to represent Australia at the 1986 NABBA Universe. Debbie and Mark are pictured front cover.

The 2 outstanding guest posers were ROBERT KULINICZ and LILI CARIDI. Robert later won the 1986 Mr. South Australia title.

RT: 145 mins

Photos: Tina Gallasch

1986 SABBA Adelaide Physique Classic Results

Men's Guest Poser: Robert Kulenicz
Women's Guest Poser: Lili Caridi

Men's Teenage

1. Geoff Lewis
2. Jim Koumarakis
3. Paul Centofanti
4. David Thomas

Junior Men

1. Mark Trewartha
2. Rohan Frahn
3. Andrew Rutt
4. Benji Kukwandi

Men's Masters

1. Leo Loe
2. Phil Peake
3. Greg Berryman
4. David Thistle

Men's Novice

1. Robert Turner
2. Mark Trewartha
3. Brendan Grubb
Benjli Kukuandi
Rohan Frahn
Andrew Rutt
Terry Eleftheriadis
Phil Peake
Grant Hall-Thorpe

Men's Open

1. Eddie Turner
2. Brendan Grubb
3. Grant Hall-Thorpe

Most Potential: Andrew Rutt


1. Lois Coulter & Rohan Frahn

Women's Open

1. Debbie Meller
2. Sandra Wilkinson
3. Dianne Duffy
Helen Croom
Lynn Kerr
Lois Coulter
Julie Anne Hood
Kerry Emerson

Best Presentation: Sandra Wilkinson

Women's Over 35

1. Lois Coulter
2. Lynn Kerr

Women's Novice

1. Debbie Meller
2. Sandra Wilkinson
3. Tracey Willmott
Petitka Koumbra
Kerry Emerson
Helen Croom
Angela Thorpe
Lynn Kerr
Laura Major
Sophie Hope-Johnston
Helen Wicks
Julie Anne Hood
Liz Evans


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