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2013 ANB Supernatural Mania South Australian Titles
Code: GMV-859DVD
Duration: 255 mins
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2013 ANB Supernatural Mania South Australian Titles
The 2013 ANB Supernatural Mania South Australian Titles were held at the Norwood Concert Hall on Sunday, 6th October. In this high quality competition, you will see a large number of top quality competitors spread throughout a number of different classes.

The Men's Overall Body Building Champion was SAL HASSAN and the Women's Overall Figure Champion was LISA ALLAN.  Both are pictured front cover.

Enjoy over 4 hours of outstanding figures and physiques in this 2013 ANB DVD, with every round included through to the final posedowns and awards.
Pictured right, top to bottom: Sal Hassan, Lee-Anne Benn, Lisa Allan and Kwame Duah.

Special Guest Poser was Joel Ramintas - Mr Natural Olympia.

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Format: Shot in Wide Screen 16:9

Running time: 255 minutes

Extra Scenes:
Photo Galleries

Photos by Paul France
Paul France Photography

Class Winners:

Male Fitness Model: Gabe Hihira
Junior Men: Kwame Duah
Teenage Men: Alex Goddard
Novice Men: ZiShen Khong
Men's Under 70kg: Chat McMurren
Men's Under 80kg: Gary Cleggett
Men's Under 90kg: Sal Hassan
Men's Over 90kg: Kwame Duah
Men's Masters Over 40: Will Stoetzer 
Men's Grand Masters Over 50: Dave Sargent 
Women's Novice Figure: Megan Hutchinson
Women's Open Figure: Lee-Anne Benn
Female Fitness Model Under 30: Ellie Finlay 
Female Fitness Model Over 30: Dab Koronis
Women's Masters Over 35: Lisa Allan
Women's Grand Masters: Lisa Morby
Bikini Model: Sally Bell

Complete Results: 
Men's Overall Body Building Champion:
  Sal Hassan 
Women's Overall Figure Champion:  Lisa Allan   

Male Fitness Model   
1. Gabe Hihira  
2. Travis Hobbs                                                                                                         
3. Emmanuel Maddy                                                                                                     
Julian Campos  
Daniel Nuske-Haines  
Kym Dametto                                               

Junior Men   
1. Kwame Duah  
2. Josh Cox  
Teenage Men   
1. Alex Goddard  

Novice  Men   
1. ZiShen Khong  
2. Jeremy Lim  
Men's Under 70kg   
1. Chad McMurren  
2. Warwick Williams  
3. Matthew Cooper  
ZiShen Khong  
Jeremy Lim  
Alex Goddard  
Men's Under 80kg   
1. Gary Cleggett  
2. Jordy Brown  
3. Kyle Duncan  
Men's Under 90kg   
1. Sal Hassan  
2. Josh Cox  
Men's Over 90kg   
1. Kwame Duah  
2. Will Stoetzer  

Men's Masters Over 40   
1. Will Stoetzer  
2. Tommy Settimio  
Men's Grand Masters Over 50   
1. Dave Sargent  
2. Warwick Williams  
Women's Novice Figure   
1. Megan Hutchinson  
2. Thu Nguyen  
3. Simone Hart  
Melinda Ioannau  
Triniti Nagel  
Women's Open Figure   
1. Lee-Anne Benn  
2. Kate Alderman  
3. Megan Hutchinson  
Female Fitness Model Under 30   
1. Ellie Finlay  
2. Jessica Ambados  
3. Phoebe Groth  
Kathryn Anieri  
Amy Van Roosmalen  
Leonie Misko  
Brittany Renwick  
Candice Pine  
Melanie Gillard  
Ria Monteodorisio  
Female Fitness Model Over 30   
1. Dab Koronis  
2. Cristina Pop  
3. Amasha Marshall  
Lisa Allan  
Rosy Scaffidi-Muta  
Daniela Merrill  
Anna Virgara  
Josie Caruso  
Lea Gitsham  
Women's Masters Over 35   
1. Lisa Allan  
2. Lee-Anne Benn  
Women's Grand Masters   
1. Lisa Morby  
2. Jan Button  
Bikini Model    
1. Sally Bell  
2. Jess Pirone  
3. Rebecca Knubley  
Hannah Delaine  
Melissa O'Keefe  
Megan Thorn  
Natali Flanagan  
Asheigh Crouch  
Tara Baron  
Annabel Nairn  
Christie-Lee Pereira  
Bianca Rojas Cruz  
Tatiana Bodnar  
Megan Knight                                                                                                     

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Contest Promoter:
David Salamon

Ysbrand Brandsma

Special thanks:
Felisha Salamon
Michelle Koen

Kind thanks to:
Paul France
Steve Jones
Joel Ramintas
Terri Stone
Adam Fennell
Aaron Braithwaite
Michael Harrington
Greg Dolman
Amelia Ricci
Dayni Baker
Ysbrand Brandsma
Norwood Town Hall
Michelle Kittle
Tracey West
Brock Wells
Adam Todd
Frank Lacar
GMV Productions
Hayley Cooper
Kate Hyland
Jamie Rositano
Nicolette Konistis
Nicole Hodgson


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